How strong are cat's claws

A cat's claws are like jackknife

Cats are very agile and agile animals, right down to the smallest toe, because to extend the claws the toe joints are turned slightly so that the claws can, so to speak, tip towards the object that is now to be grasped.

It happens in a fraction of a second. And at the same time, the cat spreads its toes apart. This increases the access area or the striking area, because a blow with extended claws can bring immediate death to a smaller animal.

Did you know that the claw mechanism is extremely complicated? For this reason, the young cat must first practice using the claws.

The claw mechanism is very complicated because the claws are used differently for different situations. For climbing, defending and hitting prey. The cat must be able to control this in a very targeted manner, which is why the use of the claws must be practiced by the young cats.

The emotions make things even more difficult, because in a state of great excitement the claws come out without the cat. Only when the velvet paw has calmed down do the claws retract back into their pockets.

Don't discipline if the claws come out.

Do you like to play with your cat? You and your tiger are sure to have a lot of fun with this. And as long as the claws stay in their pockets or folds, everything is fine. But cats also play with their claws extended.

This happens completely unexpectedly and with absolutely no intention of injury. Because if there is one thing they do not want, it is to harm their people. But the instinct of the cats inevitably lets their claws stick out while playing.

While playing it can happen that the cat extends its claws. This is simply the cat's instinct and is unintentional.

It can be bloody and painful for humans. If you reprimand your animal for this little accident, as unfortunately an infinite number of cat owners do, you are behaving in a completely incomprehensible manner for the animal, because nothing has happened in their understanding. So it would not be appropriate to reprimand the cat.

Are cats born with sharp claws?

No, cats are not born with sharp claws. They are dull and soft. The claws of the little cats only grow as they grow, so to speak.

At birth, the kittens have soft and blunt claws that they cannot retract yet. You have to practice this first.

They harden and slowly sharpen. Small cats cannot retract their claws either. That's why they get stuck on fluffy surfaces. It takes several weeks for the claws to reach their final degree of hardness. However, they only become hot when you use them.