How likely are you to visit India?

India travel to the land of colors

A journey close to life

Holidays in India inevitably lead to encounters with the people living here, their suffering, their longings and their feelings. Yet Indians are personalities with incomprehensible pride. Many holidaymakers travel to India to find themselves, because it is not without reason that the country is called the mirror of the soul. Holidays mean leaving everyday life behind. But in India the guest will also take part in real life and become a member of a large community of fate. These are the memories of India that will never be forgotten.

Poverty and grace in a vast country

The images of an entire continent of poverty and grace are particularly noticeable when people celebrate. A trip through India can then be noisy. Weddings consist of magical rituals that seem incomprehensible to outsiders. It can happen that the inhabitants of a village bring shrines of deities into the temples at witching hour at midnight in order to drive out evil with this ceremony. Regardless of whether it is a beach holiday in India or a group trip: the cities always seem hectic and the second face of this unique country becomes clear. Nevertheless, guests can also lie under palm trees on a lagoon in the famous city of Goa and watch the sunset there. You will only perceive the lapping of the sea, look at the clouds on the horizon and let the evening fall. Each guest will carry what they have experienced with them and keep the pictures full of poverty and grace.

Magnificent buildings and natural events

The Indian maharajas have long since lost their privileges, which is why their palaces are now open to guests. These magnificent buildings in the Garden of the Gods stand for the history of a country in which once a few powers accumulated an indescribable wealth and at the same time large parts of the population, namely the low castes, had to vegetate at the subsistence level. The contrasts of this huge country are simply too great and can lead to guests inevitably experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions. The magnificent, monumental buildings of the maharajas still stand for what they once were and have become testimonies of their time. Many of these palaces have been converted into exclusive hotels. However, tours through India are not just about the mighty palaces of the Maharajas. The five national parks of the subcontinent are also becoming more and more important for guests. Their landscapes are said to be even more beautiful than they were painted by Walt Disney in his famous film adaptation of the Jungle Book. Tigers, panthers, elephants, crocodiles and flying dogs live here. They are a unique animal world that will inspire you in connection with the wild nature of the jungle.