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When setting up healing stones in the room, depending on the size of the room and how the healing stone works, usually larger gemstones are used. The gemstone is placed in the room at an energetically important place in order to be able to influence the atmosphere of the room. The decisive factor here is the sensitivity of the person who wants to use the space. The gemstone should be integrated harmoniously into the harmony of the room. Both the selection of the location and the alignment of the healing stone in the room is a very individual matter. Only when the gemstone is felt to be right in its place can the healing stone have a positive effect on the energetic field of the room. Our thinking, feeling and acting can be influenced by the gemstone in the room.

Set up rose quartz

One of the stones that have a particularly positive effect on the room atmosphere is rose quartz. This stone can radiate harmony in the room, because it distributes all accumulations of energy evenly over the room. However, it must be ensured that negative energy accumulations, such as those caused by PCs or televisions, can be distributed in the room by a rose quartz. If the room feels inconsistent despite a rose quartz, you should either try to eliminate the negative energy source or set up the rose quartz in a different location. Like any other healing stone, rose quartz absorbs information that should be erased from time to time. Despite its size, a rose quartz should therefore be cleaned once a month in a cleansing ritual.

The effect of a rose quartz is largely harmonizing. In the workplace in particular, he can improve the working atmosphere and reduce tension. But be careful: the rose quartz also has a very strong effect on matters of the heart, it is considered the stone for lovers and to fall in love with!

Set up rock crystal

The rock crystal is a classic healing stone for the workplace. The rock crystal is considered a true energy miracle, because it helps to concentrate energies and thus strengthen them. It is a healing stone that is often placed next to the workplace, as it also dissipates negative energy. Especially when decisions have to be made frequently, the rock crystal is very helpful, because it sorts the mind and gives optimism with its strength. Sensitive people find the rock crystal too strong, which is why it is often set up in a combination with amethyst and rose quartz. In this basic mixture, the energy of the rock crystal is distributed over the entire room by the rose quartz and the concentration is directed entirely to the work by the amethyst.

Set up amethyst

Amethyst has a positive effect on concentration because it cleanses the mind. It clears the mind of superfluous trains of thought that make it difficult to focus on problems. Therefore, it is ideal for the workplace. PCs and printers are negative energy sources that not only absorb the energy in the room, but also negatively influence it. An amethyst in the room can clear this negative energy. Amethyst drusen are therefore often placed in the workplace. Together with the stones mentioned above, a perfect working atmosphere can be created.

Setting up healing stones: stone circle

The stone circle is a very old method of allowing healing stones to work on you. Here, different healing stones are placed in a circle. The size of the circle depends on the individual's perception, a circle that is too large is perceived as empty, and a circle that is too small as constricting. If you sit down in the middle of the circle, the healing stones give off their vibrational energy to us, creating a special atmosphere. In order to be able to use this one should take a comfortable position. It is important to bring the body into a balanced position in order to be able to get involved in the atmosphere of the room. You stay in this position until the effect of the room wears off.

This application is well suited for meditations. The vibrational energy of the gemstones can have a better effect on us through rest and concentration. It helps to get your inner balance back and to calm down physically and mentally.

Healing stones in the bedroom

Often healing stones are placed in the bedroom to create a harmonious, carefree room climate. However, care should be taken when doing this. If there are healing stones in the room that are very energetic, such as rock crystal or amethyst, this can lead to insomnia and nightmares. Especially the obsidian, which is supposed to stimulate the subconscious in the event of trauma, for example, can lead to nightmares. Dumortierite, for example, helps to have good dreams.

So what matters is what you want to use the space for. Should it be stimulating or rather calming. Should it enable creative ideas or should it concentrate more. So before you set up a stone in the room, you should inquire about the effects of the stones, information on this can be found, for example, in our gemstone dictionary.

Further areas of application for gemstones can be found in the application section.

Author: Birgit Schweikart

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