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What is an SEO TOOL?

SEO tools examine your website for technical errors and existing backlinks.

These are presented in a report and can then be improved.

In addition, these tools do proposals, what you can improveto make your website for a better placement in the search engine such as B. to optimize Google.

What can an SEO tool do?

Search engine optimization has become one in recent years complex matter become. SEO tools offer you the opportunity to examine your website (and that of your competition) for errors in the shortest possible time, to optimize it through improvements and to increase the ranking of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and thus attract more visitors to your website to get.

SEO software also offers you the opportunity to use the Recognize the success of your optimization at a glance and to permanently observe keywords with a high ranking (and also their changes) by means of monitoring.

SEO beginner benefit from the know-how of these tools, which make it easier to find a Insight into the implementation of an on-page optimization which is the first step in the search engine optimization process. Furthermore, in a professional SEO software good sources for backlinks that you would otherwise have to find out through long research. Since most SEO tools are now run in the form of online services (Saas - Software as a Service), they are also continuously and easily provided with an update if the algorithm of a search engine changes (as Google does at regular intervals and so that the ranking often changes permanently). In this way, both the users and the results remain up to date with the latest developments and enable quick changes for more success.

Big agencies use SEO tools for Optimization of your customer pages and professional marketing. They also provide reports to their clients showing search engine optimization successes. The more professional the SEO tool, the easier it is to create these reports for the customers and clearly and easily prove successes for which the customers pay money every month.

What can't SEO tools do?

SEO tools are used to improve your Simplify SEO workflow - but they don't do SEO for you!

They offer you one or the other idea for optimization, but they do DO NOT solve your SEO problems!

No SEO tool can do that.

SEO tools analyze your website for errors in technical on-page SEO. You can fix these errors and you will surely be more favorably received by Google. A well-optimized website depends on a clear structure, very much good and qualitatively valuable contentwho has to meet certain requirements, someone good linking and last but not least one user-friendly interface. SEO tools cannot create this content, they cannot rate it and therefore they cannot do wonders for your ranking.
SEO tools can only help you if you have already done all of these points correctly. They put the finishing touches to your SEO and help you do the last 10% of the optimization. You will learn how to create a search engine optimized website in the SEO course to do search engine optimization yourself.

To the SEO course: Do search engine optimization yourself >>

What free SEO tools are there?

Also the number of free SEO tools is now hardly manageable. These usually only cover a sub-area search engine optimization (e.g. technical SEO or onpage optimization) and, compared to the overall solutions tested here, do not offer holistic results and even then often only limited functionality.

Nevertheless, it can also be used to achieve visible improvements in the rankings. In professional use for customers and companies, however, a paid product including reporting has become an almost mandatory requirement.

Beginners, small web projects & single pages

Everyone reputable provider of SEO tools offers a free variant of his product at. These are either limited in terms of time or functionality. Depending on the size and requirements of the respective project, these solutions can be sufficient for professional optimization. You either have to spend a lot of time or do without certain functions, such as keyword rankings. If you have no problems with these restrictions, you will achieve good to very good solutions with the free solutions.

RYTE offers a variant with no time restrictions, which is limited in functionality, while XOVI and SEO PROFILER offer a functionally unlimited variant, which is limited to 14 days.

SEO professionals, affiliates, agencies & companies

in the professional operation for SEO professionals, agencies or companies, so if you want to generate sales or make money with this tool, you should get a paid one for reasons of efficiency SEO tool or switch to it after the free trial.

The point here is the cost of the SEO software to get back in as quickly as possible and to generate a profit based on this.

With 10 projects, SEO PROFILER is the price-performance winner in the test, while XOVI offers the largest range of functions.

What should you look out for when choosing an SEO tool?

The Analysis and optimization of a website for search engines like google or bing is a ongoing processthat you cannot do with a one-time optimization. A one-time optimization will certainly bring a boost to the top of the list of results, but if your goal is one as high a ranking as possible is in search engine results is a ongoing maintenance of the website is necessary - because the competition never sleeps. If search engine optimization is part of your marketing and you want to get a good ranking for hotly contested keywords, ongoing optimization is inevitable anyway.

What do SEO tools cost?

As well as all SEO tools offer a free trial of their product, because the customers can get an exact picture of the scope of services and usability. Beginners in particular are advised to take advantage of this offer, as some tools offer very good tutorials and thus the first, quick successes in optimization can be achieved, which further motivate. All SEO tools mentioned on this page offer these tutorials in the form of texts or videos.

The scope of services

The scope of the SEO tools is often related to the monthly price. If you only have to optimize one (or your) website, you can achieve useful results with the cheapest tool SEOBILITY. If you want to optimize several projects and demand money from your customers for them, it can also be a more expensive tool with a higher scope of services such as RYTE or SEO PROFILER. Despite the higher price, professionals and agencies will fall back on RYTE or XOVI, as these tools offer the highest scope of services and are also designed for the preparation of customer reports.

Personal preferences

All tested SEO tools have different user interfaces and functions - which will always suit you more or less. The rule here applies - everything that works is good. Perhaps RYTE and XOVI perform better than other tools, but if a smaller tool works for you and gives good rankings, this is the one for you!

There are so many SEO tools out there - why are there only four mentioned here?

The number of SEO solutions on the market is now hardly manageable and nobody will be able to test over 100 solutions themselves or read through so many test reports.

We want one concrete assistance with the selection of professional and established software products and have therefore focused on the best solutions for the respective application area.

Each of the tested solutions offers a Complete package for on-page and off-page optimization a website and leads to a professional result. The functionality or number of projects can be increased by adding a paid product.

Nevertheless we offer you one here Alternative SEO tools overview, for which we do not offer a test at the moment:

Author: Mag. Tibor Gludovatz
Updated: 18.05.2021
Publisher: SEO-Software.at