Aluminum pots damage my health

Why storage poisons are so dangerous for the organism
The exposure to pollutants, heavy metals and environmental toxins is increasing continuously. Are the most problematic Storage poisons such as lead, palladium from car exhaust fumes or aluminum in aluminum foil. The metabolism cannot break them down and deposits them in different places - especially in the Detoxification organs Liver and kidney, brain matter, nerve tissue and in the pancreas. Besides, toxins are also in the skin, the Intestines and the Bone marrow deposited, in fat and in all fat-like tissue structures.

How much a poison damages the organism depends on the dose and the exposure time, but also on the individual resistance. Aluminum poisoning e.g. B. is expressed through Memory and concentration disorders; Nitrosamines from drinking water lead to inflammation in the mouth area, permanent dry cough and kidney problems for which the urine does not find any results. It usually takes years for the consequences to become apparent and for body and soul to be damaged.

Stressful toxins

Even 1 wine glass (0.2 l) a day contains so much of the cell toxin that it damages the liver in women and increases blood pressure.
With its omega-3 fatty acids, linseed oil protects the blood vessels and detoxifies the liver. Take 2–3 tablespoons of linseed oil per day, e.g. B. in salad.

Chemical substances
in plastic bottles produce up to 30 times higher antimony values ​​than glass bottles. The heavy metal poisons and damages the heart.
Wormwood tea neutralized: Brew 1 teaspoon of wormwood with 150 ml water, leave to steep for 10 minutes. Drink 15 minutes before eating.

Cell phones, PCs and TVs emit electromagnetic radiation. They can disrupt hormone production and damage the nervous system.
Tip: Use low-radiation cell phones (, make phone calls as briefly as possible, do not leave the TV and radio on in standby mode.

Fast food
Eating a burger a day for a month already puts strain on the liver - because the body absorbs excess sugar and carbohydrates.
Ketchup instead of mayo, vegetable instead of salami pizza, salted pretzels instead of chips, baked potatoes instead of fries. And: no XXL portions.

Household cleaners
The mix of many toxic substances also often contains chlorine, which is harmful to the skin and lungs.
Tip: Vinegar cleaners or bio-decalcifying agents based on citric acid help against limescale and urine scale. Chlorine-free neutral or universal cleaners remove residual dirt.

Ingredients such as boric acid penetrate the body as cell toxins, stabilizers irritate the skin.
Tip: For skin regeneration, mix 50 ml carrot oil (health food store) with 50 ml vegetable oil (e.g. safflower oil). Add three drops of geranium oil to dry skin. Apply 6 times a day.

Almost every drug puts a strain on the liver, but extremely rheumatic and pain relievers.
Tip: Acupressure instead of pain pill! Example headache: press the middle of the bridge of the nose with your thumb and index finger, then massage pain points in the middle of the eyebrows.