How can you show the Facebook timeline

Facebook only shows selected posts from your friends, pages and groups in your timeline. Read here how to toggle Facebook so that it always does Latest news indicates.

Show all messages in Facebook

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. On the left of the window, just below your name and profile picture, click the three little dots to the right ofnews.
  3. Select from the list that appearsLatest news.
  4. Now you will see your friends' messages as soon as they post something.

Read here how to find out your own Facebook ID.

Switch permanently to the latest news

  • Facebook keeps switching to theTop news back.
  • A simple trick can help: Always call Facebook directly with the URL forLatest news on:
  • The best thing to do is to bookmark this URL in your browser.

That is why the top messages appear

  • So much new information is now pouring into users' timelines that Facebook has to try to cope with the flood of information.
  • Sources for the new messages are friends, pages you like, or groups you join.
  • Your behavior in the timeline is decisive for the selection of the messages - the more you interact with a message (i.e. like, share and so on), the more likely it becomes to see messages from the same source again.
  • The algorithm that Facebook uses to tame the flood of messages is called Edge Rank.
  • The following are included in the original Edge Rank:
    • Proximity between the reader and the source of information (for example: how close are you friends).
    • Importance of the post - how many likes and shares did it get.
    • Topicality of the contribution
  • In addition, the EdgeRank, which was refined in 2014, allegedly works with around 100,000 other factors.