What did you once believe

Translation of "did you believe" in French

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Oh Peter, did you believeI would leave you without a word
Peter, croyais-tu que je te quitterais sans un mot?
Did you believe, would you be the only one of your kind?
What did you believewhat are we going to do?
Did you believe, would I collapse?
Why did you believeof not being able to tell me that?
Where did you believethat this will end?
Maybe did you believe, you could pose yourself ... and make some new friends who would protect you.
Peut-être que tu pensais pouvoir te rendre et trouver de nouveaux amis pour te protéger.
These men ... what did you believe, who they are?
What, did you believe, I would have forgotten it in the subway or somewhere else?
Tu crois peut-être que je l'ai oubliée dans le métro?
Please, Lourdes, did you believe, I can live on candles and herbs?
But why did you believethat I would reject you?
Please, Lourdes, did you believe, I can live on candles and herbs?
Voyons, Lourdes, tu crois que je peux vivre d'herbes et de bougies?
Oh, did you believe, are you the only one who is collecting more money now?
Oh, tu pensais que tu étais le seul à jouer à ce petit jeu?
What did you believewhat would they do if you snapped their senior partners and popular clients under their noses?
Que crois-tu qu'ils allaient faire quand tu as pris leur associé principal et leur client de marque - de sous leur nez?
Did you believe, you could impress me, huh?
Did you believe, would they help you?
Did you believethat we'd make out?
Did you believe, I would just improvise?
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