Toothpaste can remove stains from dentures

Remove plaque from dentures

I recently had to pick up the dentures of a family member from the dental technology department and spoke to the dental technician there personally. The dentures were there in the technology to receive a professional cleaning.

The residues from fruit, vegetables, tea and coffee are deposited on the plastic and also on the metal, are also deposited in the telescopes, and in the end do not go away completely.

Now I asked about the best way to avoid having to use this professional cleaning so often, not to mention the stress of submitting it to the laboratory.

Effervescent tablets only bring the feeling of cleanliness and freshness, you could do that in between.

He told me now that the washing paste "LINDA NEUTRAL" would be the best remedy.

When I asked, puzzled, he told me that this washing paste was slightly grainy and that the stubborn deposits would therefore be removed.

I took a look: LINDA Neutral does not contain any preservatives or bleaching agents and is even biodegradable.


Simply brush off the dentures with a small amount of Linda-Neutral and a narrow hand brush or special brush for dentures, let it take effect and of course rinse well!

Maybe someone here has the same "worries" and tries the remedy!