How many people smoke in Canada

Canada introduces plain packaging

From autumn, cigarettes in Canada will only be available in neutral, unadorned packaging. This means that 14 countries are already relying on plain packaging.

From November 9, 2019, cigarettes in Canada will only be sold in a uniform, brown packaging. The Canadian health authority announced on May 1st. The introduction of plain packaging is intended to make smoking less attractive. "The benefits of plain packaging have been clearly demonstrated," says Canadian Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor. "Young people in particular are deterred from smoking."

The approved standard packaging is part of a comprehensive prevention package with which the Canadian government wants to reduce the proportion of smokers to 5 percent by 2035. The proportion of smokers in the Canadian population is currently 17 percent (Switzerland: 27%).

The box as advertising space

The packaging of tobacco products is an important advertising space for the tobacco industry. The colored boxes with the prominently printed brand names are particularly attractive to young people and new consumers and hide the health risks of tobacco consumption.

Standard packaging without the specific brand elements and with large pictorial warnings, together with price increases and extensive advertising bans, are therefore considered to be one of the most effective measures in tobacco prevention. Various studies have already shown that neutral packaging makes smoking or smoking entry less attractive.

A success-story

Australia was the first country to introduce neutral packaging in 2012. Since then, other countries have followed, including France, Norway, Great Britain and Hungary. Plain packaging has now been implemented or approved in 14 countries, including Canada. At least 15 other countries are currently examining the introduction.

List of countries

AustraliaOct 1, 2012Dec 1, 2012
FranceMay 20, 2016Jan. 1, 2017
Great BritainMay 20, 201620th May 2017
NorwayJuly 1, 20171st July 2018
IrelandSept. 30, 2017Sept. 30, 2018
New ZealandMarch 14, 2018June 6, 2018
Hungary20th May 2018May 20, 2019
Turkey5th July 2019Jan. 5, 2020
Saudi Arabia23 Aug 2019Jan. 1, 2020
ThailandSept 10, 2019Dec 8, 2019
CanadaNov 9, 2019Feb 7, 2020
UruguayDec 21, 2019Dec 21, 2019
SloveniaJan. 1, 2020Jan. 1, 2020
IsraelJan. 8, 2020Jan. 8, 2020