How do I conquer a choosy woman

Conquer a woman - 3 simple techniques

Conquer a woman - Top 3 techniques with which you can conquer the heart of every woman compact and applicable for you today.
Here we go…
Conquering women is really child's play for you as a man if you use the 3 “Let women conquer YOU” techniques that I will give you in a moment.
Most men get it all wrong ...
They try to run after a woman and do all sorts of things for her to impress and get her.
It's like catching a fish by trying to jump into the ocean and swim after it.
It drains your strength. You burn energy unnecessarily and you will very rarely catch it - either by accident or by luck.

So how do you catch a fish? You figure out what he wants - namely the ultimate bait he can't resist - present the bait to him and just wait for the fish to come to you by itself.

That's exactly what you have to do with women too.
Most men make the massive mistake of chasing a woman by showing her way too fast, way too early, way too much interest.
This makes them too easy to get and boring for the woman.


The reason for this is simple: if a woman imagines her absolute dream man, then it's a guy who is so attractive that all women want him too.
In order to get him, it is not enough just to look good, she also has to go all out by SAYING and DOING the right things around him.
THAT is what a woman really wants, and if you are that man she will tell by 3 things. You will soon be able to demonstrate this perfectly with the 3 flirting techniques that we will discuss in a moment.
1. The guy is hard to get
2. He is incredibly picky because because he looks so attractive, he can have any woman anyway
3. SHE is the one trying to get YOU
That is what every woman really wants and that is the "bait" that you have to lay out. So now let's move on to the 3 flirting techniques you can use to do this:

Conquering a Woman - Technique # 1: Show Her You Are Hard To Get

This technique is insanely effective when it comes to conquering a woman and there are several methods of doing it. One variant is to say to a woman, for example in a conversation:

I don't hang out with every woman just because she is good-looking. Lots of women look good, but once you get to know someone, character is much more important.
I would be a thousand times more with a woman who doesn't look perfect but who has a great character than a woman who looks perfect but who I just can't get along with.
That's why it always takes me a while to decide on a woman, but when I do, then I am loyal to her and stand by her

Ok - this saying is PURE GOLD and as always - only say it if you mean it.
With this you show a woman that you are not one of those men who let yourself be intimidated or dazzled by your beauty and whom you can only conquer with your looks.
It shows her that she needs to BE appealing around you by saying and doing the right things. Suppose she wants a chance to get YOU.
It shows her that you are picky and attractive and that you have a lot of women in your life to choose from. You don't have to rely on them. You want it, but you don't need it - that's a big difference. That makes a man incredibly attractive.
Most of all, it shows her that if she manages to conquer you, you will be loyal and stick with her and that is something that every woman wants. So an incredibly effective first technique that you should definitely try.
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Conquering a Woman Technique # 2: Show Her You're Picky

You should ALWAYS use this technique because it is just so incredibly important. Always show a woman that you are crazy picky. Think about what qualities you really want in a woman that have nothing to do with her appearance.
Suppose you care a lot that a woman can cook well or do lots of exercise. Then ask women about exactly these things.
When you meet a great woman, just say, “Can you cook? I love women who are good at cooking ”or“ Do you do a lot of sport? I love women who do a lot of sport. "

This is absolutely awesome because you are now showing her that you know exactly what you want from a woman. So you have certain standards, and just looking good isn't enough to get you - as is the case with most men.

Now you will often notice how she will automatically try to impress you and to conquer you by saying something like: "Yes, I can cook really well, I prefer to cook this and that".
What struck me here - if things are going well with a woman and she cannot cook at all, for example, she will still try to win you over by saying: "No, but I've wanted to learn that for a long time ..."
This way you realize that you are on the right path to conquer the woman. You can literally watch her start struggling to get your approval and attention.


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Conquering a Woman Technique # 3: Show Her that SHE is the one trying to get YOU

This is one of my personal favorite techniques - just take something she says and pretend she wants to rip YOU up.
For example, if she says, “Let's have a drink at the bar,” you could say, “Wow, I know exactly what you're up to, but not with me ... you just want to fill me up until I'm completely drunk and myself then take it home with you ... but I don't fall for that, I already know this scam. "
That is absolutely awesome.
Most women then laugh at themselves half-busted, begin to playfully deny that they want to seduce YOU and you automatically have a great time with them.
But seriously: These 3 techniques to conquer a woman were only the tip of the iceberg. So let's now come to the really good techniques and methods so that you can sit back and relax and watch how exactly the women you choose yourself start to want to conquer YOU.
If you really want to know how to conquer women as quickly and easily as possible and get them into the bedroom, then let's start by answering 3 simple questions about your situation - and off we go: