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Rent an office in Munich

Rent office space in Munich - tips and a large selection at shareDnC

With over 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich is Germany's third largest city. Internationally, Munich is not only known for its architecture and the annual Oktoberfest, but also as an important location for the automotive industry, information and communication technology and the media industry. The metropolis on the Isar also offers the best location conditions for startups and founders, because Munich impresses with a large network of business angels and numerous start-up centers. No matter whether you are a start-up, a founder, an existing company or a freelancer, Munich offers everyone an ideal environment to rent an office here.

shareDnC offers a large selection of flexible offices in a central location in Munich - 100% commission-free.

What infrastructure can I expect when I rent an office in Munich?

All those who rent an office or office space in Munich benefit from a well-developed public transport network with S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams and buses. As in all large cities there can be a lack of parking spaces and traffic jams during rush hour, it is advisable to use Park & ​​Ride. The MVV offers the IsarCardJob job ticket for this purpose. Munich is also connected to the Germany-wide and international transport network by a large main station with long-distance trains, a direct connection to the motorway network and the Franz Josef Strauss Airport on long-distance transport and is also internationally networked.

How much does it cost to rent an office in Munich?

The rental price for one square meter of office space in Munich is currently around € 18.50 on average (as of January 2020). If you want to rent an office in Munich, shareDnC offers you workplaces from 150 € / month or office space for 4 people in a central location and flexible term from 400 € / month, furnished from 700 € / month.

What types of office can you rent in Munich?

If you want to rent an office in Munich, you can choose between different types of office. Because there is the right office for individuals as well as for entire teams or entire companies. You can choose from, for example:
  • Individual desk spaces
  • Individual offices
  • Coworking spaces
  • Day offices
  • Offices to sublet
  • Part-time offices
  • Project offices
  • Team offices
  • Commercial offices

How is the local recreation offer in Munich?

The area around Munich offers perfect opportunities for relaxation with its many small and large lakes. But there is also a wide range of leisure activities in the city center. A fifth of the area of ​​Munich consists of recreational areas: From barbecuing in the Westpark and recreation on the Praterinsel to jogging in the Perlacher Forest, there is a suitable program for everyone to relax. If you are adventurous, you can also go surfing on a wave in the Eisbach near the Englischer Garten.

What do you have to consider when renting an office in Munich?

If you have decided to rent an office or an office space in Munich, then you should consider which of the following points are important to you in your office and take them into account when searching:
  • Office equipment
  • A central and representative location
  • Parking facilities or own parking spaces
  • A good connection to the local public transport
  • Fixed opening times or 24/7 access
  • A cozy or productive atmosphere
  • Old or new building: What type of building does the office have?
  • Is there an elevator available?
  • Is it allowed to smoke in the office?
  • Are office dogs allowed in the office?
  • Is the office family friendly?

Can anyone rent an office in Munich?

Basically anyone can rent an office in Munich who has the necessary finances, i.e. has a sufficiently large income. However, a negative SCHUFA entry can be an obstacle. Anyone who wants to rent an office despite having a poor credit rating is well advised to have a flexible office. Important: A commercial lease, unlike a private lease, is not subject to statutory tenancy law. This means that individual agreements can be included in the rental agreement for commercial real estate. Therefore, you should read the rental agreement very carefully before signing it. Pay particular attention to the points of notice periods, minimum contract period and flat-rate ancillary costs. Also check the possibility of a contract extension or subletting.

Are parking spaces included in the office rental in Munich?

For some offices, parking spaces are available free of charge in an associated parking garage or a nearby parking lot. Parking spaces can often also be rented. If you want to come to work by car, you should pay particular attention to the relevant regulations when looking for an office.

Are office dogs generally allowed?

Dogs are now more and more common in rental offices. Office dogs are often welcome as Feel Good Managers, but taking the dog to the office should always be discussed with the landlord in advance.