What are some free funds for startups

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Fresh startups in particular do not necessarily have a lot of money in their pockets. If you want to start your own business, you have to deal with a lack of money, especially at the beginning. So it is only good that the trend is increasingly towards free software and apps. Young startups also have the opportunity to download a considerable number of programs with a stake of 0.00 euros. But what are actually there?

Here is our selection:

Business plan

Anyone looking for tips and templates for business plans will find what they are looking for at fuer-gruender.de. There you can access various tools by entering your email address!

Project management / CRM / task management

1CRM: 1CRM is online CRM for small and medium-sized companies. There is a free version for startups.

Bitrix24: Bitrix24 is also a free CRM solution that also offers a few other features. The tool is very tidy and clear.

Redmine: Redmine is free project management software. It can be used for project management, discussion forums, wikis or even for ticket management.

Microsoft ToDo: ToDo from Microsoft is the successor to the Wunderlist app - and above all more than just the modern shopping list. This tool can also be used to manage and manage projects.

Zenkit To Do: Zenkit To Do is an alternative to Microsoft ToDo and also offers quick and easy task management. The tool is free of charge for up to 8 users, from then on a surcharge is required. But still worth a look for small startups.

Asana: With a team of up to 15 members, this tool is free - and with all of its features!

Wekan: Wekan is the open source alternative to the fee-based Wekan tool (Kanban project tool).

Media editing

GIMP: The tool allows you to edit images and is free. Nevertheless, it is a real classic and if you are used to the operation, it is almost as good as Photoshop.

Visme: Visme is a tool for creating infographics.

Paint 3D: Yeah, yes, we hear paint being gossiped, but seriously, this tool is ideal for quick editing and pushing graphics back and forth. Windows 10 users don't even need to download the tool, it is already on every computer.


Doodle: Finding appointments is no longer a problem with Doodle!

Slack: Slack is a team communication tool and can be linked to various services such as Dropbox.

Skype: Skype is also a team communication tool.

freshdesk: If you are looking for a free tool for customer support, you might find it here.


Paperwork: Bookkeeping is a horror issue. With paperwork, however, you have the opportunity to process this easily and efficiently online.

Elster: With Elster you can easily deal with tax matters online on your PC.


Google For Entrepreneurs: If things have to be cheap and fast, nobody can ignore Google. From a Word alternative (which incidentally allows files to be created collaboratively, to online storage - the founding team receives a free and comprehensive package here. The really large selection of tools can be found here.

Dropbox: Dropbox is an online store that enables teamwork.

Marketing & Social Media

Canva: Canva offers the submission of presentations, logos and banners. With “drag and drop” you can create your own design in 5 minutes - it couldn't be easier.

Mailchimp: Marketing emails can be easily sent with Mailchimp. If you want to send up to 12,000 emails a month and have a group of up to 2,000 recipients, you can use this service free of charge.

Marketing is no longer possible without social media. Facebook and Twitter are among the absolute basics here.

Others are:

Instagram: The picture network is a must for lifestyle content.

Pinterest: A digital pin board on which image content can be collected. Another focus on lifestyle.

Flickr: Another image network, which (as it receives special attention from Google) is often displayed in the results of the Google image search.

Snapchat: Social media channel with mainly a particularly young target group (<18 years).

YouTube: The video media platform.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp can now also be used for startup communication.

XING: XING is the leading business network in Germany. Many forum or company pages are also great for discussions.

LinkedIn: The international version of Xing.