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The cost of spare parts varies dramatically from car to car. We will give you an exclusive list of the best and affordable models.

If you are interested in a "new" and affordable used car, you usually do not waste a thought on the car's spare parts prices. Condition, performance, equipment and consumption are in the foreground when buying. Even the rims are often more important. The expenditures for spare parts make up a high part of the maintenance costs, especially for used cars. For example, the exhaust system of a six-year-old Kia Rio costs a whopping 2302 euros - almost half the value of the vehicle. And with increasing age of the used vehicle, the frequency of defects increases, and the number of workshop visits also increases. Suddenly the prices of the spare parts decide how much the car burdens the wallet. We have therefore identified the used cars with the cheapest spare parts in five classes. We chose models from the year of construction 2012 and concentrated on the ten most frequently required assemblies. All components are original parts from the manufacturer. The total value of the ten pieces determines the placement of the models. In order to keep the spare part prices low, many manufacturers offer so-called exchange parts. These are used, but have been specially prepared. Often it is enough to renew the worn areas. Important: The quality of a replacement part is the same as that of an original part, and the manufacturers offer the same guarantees. That is why we have included the reconditioned parts in our overview where possible.

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These are cars with affordable spare parts prices

The result of our research: There are sometimes drastic price differences for spare parts. The car with the highest costs in the middle class is more than twice as expensive as the cheapest model. For the SUV, the surcharge is an incredible 279 percent. The second insight: Anyone who opts for an inexpensive used vehicle cannot automatically hope for low spare parts prices. On the contrary: Hyundai and Kia charge a higher than average price for their spare parts. Skoda cannot score either: only the Yeti makes it into the top ten among SUVs. When it comes to small, compact and medium-sized cars, the Czech models are the most expensive of all VW group brands - including Audi. The Wolfsburg themselves are mostly in the middle of the field. The best VW is the Passat in fifth place. The spare parts from premium brands do not necessarily have to be overpriced, see Mercedes. A- and C-Class are among the cheapest models. However, used car buyers drive the most economical with Renault: The French take first place twice. If you include the subsidiary brand Dacia, they even triumph in three classes. Mazda and Nissan each win once, while Citro├źn is barely able to win an individual victory: the brand takes second place twice and third place once.

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