Up to what age should you celebrate birthdays?

Celebrate your 90th birthday: With these tips it will be a lavish party

From the 90th birthday at the latest, every birthday should really be celebrated appropriately - here you can find out how you can organize a special party.

The 90th birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate life. And, in our opinion, all other nineties birthdays deserve a wonderful celebration that will be remembered for a long time by both the main character of the day and the invited guests. If you are not yet sure how you would like to organize your day, here are some helpful suggestions from us.

Choosing the right location for a 90s birthday

Especially in years when their 90th or 95th birthday is approaching, it can of course be a particularly big celebration for many. The entire family is often invited for this, and friends and acquaintances are also welcome guests on this occasion. But maybe you also want to celebrate the other 90s birthdays with an appropriate celebration. So the first question that arises is: How big should the party be and how many people are invited? The size of the party location depends on this.

It's sure to be nice in a small group of people at home too. For a group of 15 or 20 people or more, a restaurant or a party room is the right choice. The most important thing when choosing the location is that the party celebrating should be able to reach them as easily as possible. And even if there are guests who may no longer be able to walk or rely on a wheelchair, there must be a solution on site so that there are no unsightly situations on the big day.

As soon as the date and the location have been set, you can start inviting the guests. Especially for celebrations in large groups, the earlier the invitations go out, the better. So the guests can keep the day free in any case.

Tip: Are you still looking for the perfect invitation card for your 90s birthday? You can find inspiration here.

Take as much weight off the birthday child as possible

Of course, for a nineties birthday it should be in the foreground that the birthday child has a nice day and can enjoy meeting the loved ones. This should be taken into account both when planning and on the day itself. With age, you often need a little more help - so it makes sense to order a catering service for the party or to be served in the restaurant. This not only eliminates the time-consuming preparation of meals, the staff also takes care of clearing and washing up.

Tip: If you're on a budget, you can also ask family members and friends to prepare food beforehand. They can also be clamped in during serving and clearing, so that the main person of the day can fully concentrate on the guests and the party program.

Schedule entertainment for the partying

Of course, a cozy coffee break with good conversation can be exactly the right ambience for many birthday children - but they are often also happy about a few small surprises. Maybe you would like to include some highlights that will make your nineties birthday even more beautiful.

Slide show

Find beautiful pictures from the life of the birthday child and show them on a screen as a slide show. If you have a lot of nice snapshots with the whole family, they can be seen in the background throughout the day so that the guests can talk about them. Alternatively, a wall can be equipped with printed photos, on which the celebrants have a lot to see and talk about.

Favorite music

You know which music the party celebrating is particularly happy about? Then organize a small show or play a few well-known songs - for example when the birthday cake is presented.

Plant memories

If the birthday child lives in a house or apartment with their own garden, you can think about planting a little memory with them and the guests. An apple tree or simply beautiful flowers that put you in a good mood every time you look into the green are sure to be well received.

Harness the children

Old age celebrants usually have grandchildren and even great-grandchildren - they too can come up with a little surprise. A rehearsed poem, a song or a small play creates a good mood and loosens up the day. In addition, the children are also kept busy.


Hire photographers for 90s birthdays

For parties like this one, it's especially nice when the unique moments are captured in pictures. Often you rely on the guests, but it can be better to hire a professional photographer or at least to assign one person from the group to capture the most important situations. The photos can be printed out after the celebration or given away as a photo book.

We are sure that the next upcoming nineties birthday will be a great success. Hopefully we have been able to help you with our tips so that the planning takes place on its own. In any case, we wish you and everyone involved a wonderful celebration with many unforgettable moments.