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"Study: Conservative YouTube Content Leads To‘ De-Radicalization, ’Not Radicalization"


A new political science study from Pennsylvania State University has come to the conclusion that conservative content of the "intellectual dark web" on platforms like YouTube should not be seen as the first stage of right-wing radicalization. The opposite is the case: "The study, titled 'A Supply and Demand Framework for YouTube Politics,' published online in October, takes a closer look at the popular narrative that YouTube serves as a 'radicalizing agent,' particularly for the right. Conservative content, the narrative goes, supposedly acts as a 'gateway' for viewers, potentially leading them to the fringes of the far-right. But, as Birkbeck University of London's Eric Kaufman puts it in his succinct summary of the study's key finding, 'Contrary to the' gateway drug 'narrative,' the new study 'shows the Intellectual Dark Web (ie [Jordan Peterson], [PragerU], [Joe Rogan], [Ben Shapiro], [Rubin Report]) is de-radicalizing potential Alt-Right viewers. ' (...) The study found that with the 'skyrocketing' of Conservative content online, despite a similar increase in Alt-Lite and Alt-Right content, the total views of Conservative content continued to climb while far-right traffic steeply declined. "

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