Why do crazy people wear aluminum foil hats

With an aluminum hat against Corona and the government

Although the police had banned the rally, up to 200 people gathered on Friday afternoon to demonstrate against the government's corona containment measures. It was a bizarre mixture of people who gathered at the memorial against war and fascism in front of the Albertina in Vienna, of all places.

In addition to Maria Stern, the former head of the Pilz list, well-known state objectors, anti-vaccination opponents and right-wing extremists were on site. Including the identity leader Martin Sellner, who was also interviewed by several camera teams present. A live interview with oe24-TV was interrupted by an activist who called Sellner a "fascist" and held a self-painted poster with the text "The virus means nationalism. The vaccine means solidarity and empathy" into the camera. Sellner then answered questions from a camera team from Ruptly, better known as Russia Today.

Asked the demo participants about their reason for appearing, you got to hear everything that the internet has to offer in terms of corona conspiracy theories. The virus will be transmitted via the new 5G mobile communications standard, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is behind the pandemic or Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to establish a "left dictatorship" with the Greens. In between there were slogans like "We are the people" or "We will not be vaccinated". Some opponents of the vaccination were particularly vocal. They claim that viruses basically do not exist and that these are an invention of the pharmaceutical industry.

Even before the Corona crisis, there were many rumors about this new 5G mobile communications standard - the thesis has only been circulating for a few weeks that this would allegedly trigger the disease, for which there is no evidence according to the WHO. Another argument against this claim is that Covid-19 is widespread in some countries that are lagging behind in 5G expansion - such as France. Cell phone masts have already been set on fire in Great Britain and the Netherlands.

NS-trivialization and anti-Semitism

One participant in the demo described herself and others as "the Jews, because we have come back to fascism". At that time "they went off", now it was citizens' turn, like them. A trivialization of the Nazi terror. Another lady suspected the "Israelites" behind the virus. Who want to make money like that. Between the anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists, there were also people who called for the restoration of basic rights, such as freedom of assembly.

The rally was broken up after more than two hours by the police, who were there with a few dozen officers. One man was arrested for refusing to show his ID.

Aluminum hat on the canal

The following day, around 30 people gathered in the afternoon at the Schwedenbrücke on the Vienna Danube Canal to demonstrate again against the government's measures. In addition to activists who were already there at the lecture, a woman with an aluminum hat joined the group. She "doesn't believe in the coronavirus," she said. This is an invention of the media and the powerful. She wears the aluminum hat, actually an aluminum foil wrapped around her head, so that she can "think freely".

Other participants warned against vaccinating and restricting freedom of expression. What they all have in common is that they consider the government's measures to be excessive. "Where are the thousands of dead that Mr. Kurz spoke of," asked a woman. She also stressed that hand washing is enough to protect yourself.

After an hour this elevator was over, too. In Germany too, conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists have taken to the streets in recent weeks. (Markus Sulzbacher, April 26, 2020)