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Donald Trump vs. Twitter: Decree to curtail social media

US President Trump accuses Twitter of interfering in the election campaign. The online platform had marked messages from him as misleading. Trump now wants to tighten the liability rules for social media.

Donald Trump has signed a resolution to end the protection of social media such as Twitter and Facebook from prosecution. He wants to have a clause known as Section 230 revised. According to this regulation - part of a law of 1996 - online services are not liable for user-published content such as comments and videos. At the same time, it allows platforms to take action against certain content or users.

US Attorney General William Barr said the clause should not be abolished, but should be regulated. It has been stretched far beyond its original purpose.

The trigger for Trump's move is a dispute with Twitter. The short message service - Trump's preferred platform - subjected a tweet from the president to a fact check for the first time on Tuesday. In it, Trump had alleged that postal voting promoted electoral fraud. According to the fact check, this is misleading. Trump then accused Twitter of interfering in the US presidential election in November. When signing the order, he criticized that the fact check was "inappropriate" and "political activism" by Twitter.

Trump said the order was about protecting freedom of expression and democracy. Large online platforms have "uncontrolled power" to censor and restrict human interaction. They tried to suppress views they did not like.

"We can't let that happen," he warned. "This censorship and bias is a threat to freedom." The president said he anticipated lawsuits against his actions but was determined to see them through. "We're sick of it."