Are eggs bad for psoriasis

The nutrition plan for psoriasis - three days

Below is a nutrition plan for three days. The recipes are designed for autumn and winter. In spring / summer, of course, change the plan by simply using the appropriate seasonal vegetables:

1st day nutrition in psoriasis

30 minutes before breakfast: ½ teaspoon bentonite and ½ teaspoon psyllium husk powder or - if you prefer capsules - two capsules each. To do this, drink 300 - 400 ml of water.

Breakfast for psoriasis - millet porridge

Here is a quick and easy breakfast idea for a delicious millet porridge. Millet is a gluten-free and very digestible grain that is rich in minerals.

Snack for psoriasis - chickpea talers with paprika vegetables

Enjoy these delicious chickpea thalers with the creamy paprika vegetables. Both are ready to serve in just 40 minutes.

Lunch with psoriasis - rice pan with Chinese cabbage and shiitake

The rice pan is quick and very easy to prepare, so even novice cooks will enjoy this dish. In terms of taste, the combination of the ingredients used gives this rice pan a very pleasant, finely spicy note.

Snack for psoriasis - sweet potato wraps with vegetables

Due to the combination of spelled flour and sweet potatoes, these sweet potato wraps are easy to roll, have a beautiful color and harmonize perfectly with their varied interior.

Psoriasis dinner - pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin is bursting with vital substances. A delicious creamy pumpkin soup is quick to prepare, easy to cook and popular. Good reasons to savor the pumpkin season to the full!

2nd day nutrition for psoriasis

30 minutes before breakfast: ½ teaspoon bentonite and ½ teaspoon psyllium husk powder or - if you prefer capsules - two capsules each. To do this, drink 300 - 400 ml of water.

Breakfast for psoriasis - bread with a spread of your choice

1 - 2 slices of bread of your choice (whole grain and wheat-free or, if you like, gluten-free) with a spread of your choice, such as our Mediterranean spread: Take 10 minutes for this recipe and you will be surprised how easy a healthy, delicious one is -spicy spread is self-prepared. So you can do without finished products in the future.

Snack for psoriasis - protein shake with kale and fruits

This green protein shake convinces with its fruity-fresh aroma and could soon make it your favorite shake. The healthy kale also provides you with chlorophyll.

Psoriasis lunch - white cabbage salad with mandarins and walnuts

The creamy, fruity-fresh dressing made from yogurt, mayonnaise, tangerine and lemon juice makes this cabbage salad a real treat.

Snack for psoriasis - konjac rice pudding with pear and quince compote

A rice pudding for the slim line: Instead of rice, konjac rice is used, which provides almost zero calories and does not contain any usable carbohydrates. At the same time, konjac rice is prepared so quickly that the rice pudding is on the table in no time. It is suitable as breakfast or as a comfortably warming snack.

Psoriasis dinner - sweet potato broccoli vegetables

Our sweet potato and broccoli vegetables are pure culinary delights for all lovers of fruity and spicy cuisine. The combination of the earthy vegetables with the fresh sweetness of the fruit - finely seasoned with special spices - make this dish a culinary experience.

3rd day diet for psoriasis

30 minutes before breakfast: ½ teaspoon bentonite and ½ teaspoon psyllium husk powder or - if you prefer capsules - two capsules each. To do this, drink 300 - 400 ml of water.

Breakfast for psoriasis - wild berry smoothie

The smoothie made from a wild berry mix provides the body with a large portion of vitamins and antioxidants, is prepared in no time and makes you fit for the day.

Snack for psoriasis - carrot and celery salad with sprouts

This fruity-fresh carrot-celery salad also has a slightly tart note. And it is precisely this combination that gives the salad its excellent taste. In addition, it is also very healthy, because as a raw vegetable salad it not only contains a lot of vital substances, but also promotes healthy digestion.

Psoriasis lunch - pumpkin gnocchi with tomato-ginger sauce

The harmonious interplay of the ingredients makes this gnocchi dish a culinary delicacy that will impress both big and small connoisseurs alike.

Snack for psoriasis - wholemeal sandwich with smoked tofu

These crispy wholemeal sandwiches are ready to use in just 15 minutes, they taste refreshing and are super tasty! A tip for a quick and healthy snack at the same time.

Psoriasis Dinner - Creamy Coconut and Celery Soup

Together with the coconut milk and the spices, the strong aroma of the celery tuber is significantly reduced. The result is a wonderfully creamy, mildly spicy coconut-celery soup that is sure to taste good even to those people who would not call themselves celery fans.

We wish you bon appetite and of course a quick and lasting recovery!

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