Why is mom always right

A dark wall in the sky. The wind had already turned, you could almost smell the rain. And yet I claimed that the garden cushions could stay outside, that the large table would not have to be covered and another inside would have to be uncovered. I don't know if I really had hope or if I was too lazy. Maybe I just didn't want to see that Mother was right. You can imagine it. A few breaths later, the thunderstorm hadn't passed, but directly above us. The napkins flew over the lawn, the thick raindrops on the upholstered furniture. Now everyone had to lend a hand and quickly clean everything. And: re-table. Because: Mother was right.

Why are mothers always right? I think of all the evenings I spent as a teenager freezing because I refused to take a jacket with me. Of all the holidays when I lay in the blazing sun with too little protection on the first day because I ignored their warnings. And I know that almost everyone felt the same way. I recently visited my parents with two friends. It was getting late and the discussions were intense. It was about partners. Former partners. So a more serious topic than rainy tables and hypothermic teenagers. Because even with this topic, mothers know (mostly!) Whether the chosen partner fits or not. Whether the relationship lasts or not. It's a bit spooky.

Why mothers notice this my friends wanted to know about my mother. It felt like we were sitting in a fortune teller's cave. The only thing that was uncomfortable was that this was about my ex-friends and my stories - the other two moved in a safe bubble and could hole the oracle. I am silent about what the oracle said. Just this much: she was right. Of course, now I see that too.

So why don't we believe our moms? Difficult. One explanation of my mother is something like: "Because it comes from us mothers and you don't want to be told anything." She is right!

Published: 08/19/2018, 10:41 am
Last updated: May 7th, 2019, 9:15 am