Is Obamacare broken

US health care reformProtests against the abolition of Obamacare

With a megaphone and large, colorful posters, they pulled in front of the senators' offices. "Shame on you!" It echoes through the corridors. Rebecca Wood is at the forefront. She has been a resident protester at the Capitol for the past twelve months.

"Our health system is broken. It's time for general health insurance - for everyone. So that families don't have to make decisions like I was."

A question of justice

It's a question of justice, says Rebecca. The left-liberal politician Bernie Sanders even brought her on stage in the fall to tell her story. Next to her is Charlie, her five-year-old daughter. She is the reason for Rebecca's tireless commitment.

"Two years ago, one of my front teeth broke off. I needed a crown. At the same time, my daughter's medical bill was due. I decided to pay for her treatment first and then I could pay for the crown next month. In the meantime, it became infected the tooth. The inflammation spread all over my jaw. As a result, I lost all of my teeth and parts of my jaw. "

State-sponsored treatments

Your daughter goes first. Charlie was born three months early. Her life hung by a thread. To this day, the girl is dependent on special medical care. She has to live with some limitations. You can't tell by looking at her, however. Obamacare and the government's Medicaid health program saved her life. It was only through the support that her treatments were affordable, explains Rebecca.

"We don't protest because we're stubborn and because we don't like our government. I'm fighting for survival - for my daughter's life and for her future. Wouldn't you do the same for your child ?!"

Setback for protest group

Since US President Trump took office, the Republicans have left no stone unturned in abolishing the semi-state health system Obamacare, which was introduced seven years ago. They failed twice in the US Senate. Rebecca and her colleagues also book this as their success. But Donald Trump does not give up and tries to dry up Obamacare. And Rebecca doesn't think about giving up. On the contrary. A few months ago she joined a group that - as she puts it - is civilly disobedient.

You sit down in front of the senators' offices and don't get up again. Or they take the floor in the middle of a committee meeting, as they did a few weeks ago.

The committee chairman calls the police for help. The officials carry out the troublemakers in protest. Rebecca too. She has been arrested by the Capitol Police at least four times in the past few months. "For your daughter Charlie!" She calls. You are stealing the future from her!

Shortly before Christmas, unimpressed by protests, the Republicans abolished a core element of Obamcare, namely compulsory insurance, secretly along with the tax reform. A setback. But Rebecca wants to keep fighting in 2018.