What are the biggest subreddits in India

Arrangements on Reddit : The platform on which small investors rebel against the stock market

The name “Reddit” stands for the English “Read it” and translates as “read”. The “Reddit” website has existed since 2005, and should be understood more as a chat forum than as a social media platform. It is now one of the most visited websites all over the world.

The discussion forum belongs to the US media company Advance Publications and has primarily English-speaking users. Over 50 million people worldwide have subscribed to the service and are active on the site every day. But the German community is also growing. There are now over 269,000 subscribers here too.

Mainly discussions

In contrast to social media apps like Instagram or Tik Tok, Reddit is not just based on pictures and videos. The site is mainly used for discussions. Text contributions, links, images, videos or surveys can be shared in sub-forums, so-called subreddits. You can subscribe to subreddits. This creates many communities that exchange information on certain topics, such as politics, stocks or football clubs, or just post funny pictures.

Reddit is only for adult users: there is a forum for every topic. That is why there is also adult content, such as pornographic contributions. The forum in which small investors have come together to gamble on the stock market has the name r / wallstreetbets, translated: Wallstreet betting.

Tech-savvy people on the platform

Posts can get “upvotes” and “downvotes” on Reddit, imaginable like likes and dislikes. The more upvotes a post has, the more users it will reach. "AMAs" - the abbreviation stands for "ask me anything" - in German: "Ask me everything" are often posted. Celebrities are always involved in this trend. Among them was even the former US President Barack Obama before his last election campaign. All that is required to register with “Reddit” is an email address; users can come up with a Reddit name and thus publish articles anonymously.

Reddit is not as clear and intuitive as classic social media platforms, and first-time users find it harder to find their way around here. The site is mainly visited by young, tech-savvy people. The affinity to technology, the anonymity and the forum structure offer small investors who want to jointly gamble on the stock exchange, much better conditions than other platforms, such as Instagram. Because there is a separate sub-forum and community for each topic, otherwise undetected topics can quickly go viral.

The current chaos that thousands of small investors caused on the stock exchange via Reddit also shows the power behind the platform. Over 100,000 users interact there with individual contributions. Members of such active Internet communities can achieve a lot together. As a starting point, it doesn't take more than a short Reddit post.

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