Would Obi Wan Anakin ever forgive

Title: Star Wars: A HEAVEN SO CLOSE
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Author: Storm {X} Padmé
Disclaimer: All original characters and elements belong to George Lucas, the rights holders and everyone who pays for them. I'll give them back, I'm just lending them to myself ... I won't hurt them either ... At least not very * G *
Universe: Films 1 - 6, old EU
Timeline: during / after ROTJ
Pairing: Anakin / Padmé
Censorship: none
Summary: When the second Death Star explodes, Darth Vader has to face what awaits a Jedi after death ...
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- Italic sentences = reminders or for emphasis
- Sentences in '' signs = own thoughts, telepathy, electronic voice transmission or indirect speech
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Only a few seconds passed between the moment Anakin closed his eyes, his last choked breath, and the moment his dying body dissolved, leaving the useless shell of his uniform behind, but these were some of the worst seconds of his lost life.

In those seemingly endless moments, Luke sat frozen in front of his shattered body, with tears in his eyes, trying to understand that his father was dead ...

Anakin, however, spent this limbo between life and death with tormenting images in his mind. With cruel clarity, his subconscious made it clear to him again, like a dismembered data record, what had caused his existence to end in this way.
For decades he had repressed these fragments. The dark side that had ruled his mind, his emotions, had helped him suppress such memories. He had even banished her from his dreams. But now it seemed as if the Force wanted to make it clear to him again what he had done wrong before it let go of him. What he was responsible for. Why his death was still far too mild a punishment, after all.
As if he didn't know best himself.

I feel great fear in you.
The many hurdles he had to overcome before he was allowed to begin his training as a Jedi. Rejection, distrust, hostility towards an innocent slave child in the high council of elders.

You will become a Jedi.
Qui-Gon Jinn's death, an experience without which so much would have been different.
Sadness. Afraid of the future.

Why do I have the feeling that you will one day be my death?
How he and his actual master had grown further and further apart during his apprenticeship, both without wanting to ... and without being able to do anything about it.

Your mother is dead, boy.
Years later, he was only a few minutes late back on his home planet. There was nothing more he could do for Shmi except watch her die. Just because he hadn't taken his dreams seriously sooner. Because Obi-Wan hadn't taken her seriously.

I've died a little every day since you came back to my life.
The only light in his life ... The infinitely deep love that Padmé and him had united. A forbidden bond that had caused them both more pain than joy in all the short time they were married.

Don't do this, Anakin, keep no secrets from me!
Then the painful alienation when Padmé had become pregnant ... When he had again struggled with the helplessness of his bleak visions of the future. And nobody understood. Nobody had helped.

Obi-Wan was right! You have changed!
Padmé's last, desperate attempt to save him from his fate as a Sidious ‘student ...
Confusion, disgust, fear of himself when his wife collapsed senseless, more wounded by the Force than he had ever intended.

Then you are lost!
That bitter fight he and Obi-Wan had fought on Mustafar ... Oh, and he was so damn close to defeating his old master then. But that would also have meant that there wouldn't have been anyone who could have trained Luke.

And he's still alive.
The fall near the lava flow, the all-dominating pain ...
The blackness of the dark side that had kept him alive ... And the arrival of Sidious ’soldiers who had saved what was still able to live after that fall.

Unfortunately, you probably killed her in your anger.
The day when everything had become unimportant. The killing, the injustice, the war.
The day when he gratefully surrendered to the dark side and his new master to forget. Anakin had already died next to this lava flow, but the birth of Darth Vader had only taken place after this less compassionate declaration from his new slave owner.

So my father is really dead then.
For a short time of sadness, of self-hatred, it had seemed as if Luke's fate had now also been sealed. It had been a relief to a small part of Anakin. Once more he could have left behind everything his son had reminded him of.

Father ... please ... help me ...
The seductive decision to finally give up what Luke was ... And how easy it would have been. Just a minute later, his son would have been dead, executed by Sidious ‘hand ...
But it was that moment when Anakin had remembered the promise he had once made to his mother and wife on Tatooine ... That he would not disappoint them. That at some point he would be able to save people from death ...

And then he saw Luke one last time. The sadness in his deep blue, tear-rimmed eyes, something like his own. Grief because he couldn't save his father.

Anakin's last failure had been to fail to make his son understand that this fate was nothing but a redemption for him.
This blurred vision in front of his inner eye was the last thing he saw before an impenetrable blackness, much more intense than anything the dark side could produce, overcame his senses and graciously obliterated everything around him for a short while.

Luke had just made it, what was left of Vader's body after the disappearance - 'He is a machine and no longer a human', he had briefly heard Ben's bitter voice in his head, and had paused with a shudder - into a shuttle to bring. Practically at the last moment, the boy steered the ship out of the exploding space station, towards the atmosphere of Endor, where the rebellion had won their final victory over the Empire.

Only now did the darkness in Anakin's soul turn into glistening, all-outshining light, when the second Death Star, like its predecessor, was destroyed by the machinations of the insurgents.

In Anakin's mind, which in a very real sense had lingered in the place of his passing, the consuming flames, the pressure wave of the explosion were transformed into a calming glow that destroyed everything that had brought terror and death to the galaxy in recent years would have.

The light that Anakin had momentarily completely blinded only slowly lost its intensity, transformed into a pleasant, bright atmosphere without spatial shapes that did not reveal where he was when he finally opened his eyes again.

In the first waking moment he didn't have time to think about it either. The astonishment at waking up at all, and above all the state in which he found himself, took hold of his feelings.
The first impression, the very first thing he felt, was a negative finding: he was no longer in pain. This permanent state of torment that had ruled his body for 20 years was gone.
There was no more dull throbbing, and no phantom pain either, because his arms and legs were no longer made of artificial prostheses. The suffocating feeling of breathing through a gas mask, the constant burning in his chest with every breath, was gone.
And the scar on the back of his head that never wanted to heal ... Dazed, Anakin raised his right hand - for a moment as if captivated by the sight of the slightly tanned skin there - and touched the spot that had reminded him every second of his life how much his blindness and arrogance put himself on the sidelines. Nothing. Just long, blonde hair that wasn't his age ...
Confused, he looked down at himself, perceiving more and more details of his new appearance. That robe ... Only rarely in his life had he worn these classic Jedi tunics instead of his leather uniform. A couple of times in the Clone Wars, on special occasions ... He'd never felt comfortable in it. Still, he'd been tucked into something like this to celebrate the dubious eternity of a fallen chosen one.
There were no conveniences like a mirror in this endless void - he'd avoided seeing his own reflection as much as possible for the past few years - but he was suddenly pretty sure that it looked exactly the way it did before he fell to the dark side. So at least 20 years younger than it was in his file. The unfamiliar feeling of healthy skin that he could see on his hands and feel on his face confirmed his assumption.
And the scar ... The scar on his temple from the Clone Wars ... Padmé almost had a heart attack the first time she saw him with it. This drawing had also disappeared. Anakin had gone from being the monster he had been both physically and psychologically for the past few years to a man he had never been. Except, perhaps, in his own and Obi-Wan's most illusory wishful thinking ...

"When a Jedi becomes one with the living force, he transforms himself into the ideal state that he has always sought in life."
A warm, kind voice behind Anakin's forehead made him wince. Obi-Wan had appeared silently behind him and looked him up and down with a gentle smile. 'I always knew that this is how we would meet, if one day the Force brings us together here. In the Clone Wars you developed a balance that would have saved you from the dark side without the influence of Palpatine.
At that time I felt deep respect and love for you, even if unfortunately I showed it to you far too seldom. It has never been harder for me to give up on someone than on Mustafar, when I realized that the Emperor was completely in control of you. "

"So this is the living power Qui-Gon was talking about?" Anakin asked, overwhelmed.
He didn't know exactly what emotions he had expected when he was facing his old teacher for the first time in years, but it was definitely not the feeling of the deep friendship that had reigned between them at the time.

Obi-Wan's loving gaze had broken something in him that had only been capable of hatred in recent years. It was affection, but also guilt, that he could read on Obi-Wan's aged, tired face. Sadness. But also the joy of this day, of the victory that Luke had won.
And joy that Anakin had finally fulfilled his destiny.

'Is that the state we are supposed to be in when we die?' It goes without saying that Anakin found his way back to the language of telepathy with his old master, even though he hadn't used it for years. They could have spoken out loud, but Anakin instinctively felt that it was easier to talk mentally right now, to see not just words but pictures as well.

"It's a place to retreat," Obi-Wan explained rather vaguely. 'In the real sense we no longer exist, but we are allowed to take on a certain visual form that is visible to living beings. However, this is the place where we can come to terms with ourselves. I spent a long time here before I first showed myself to Luke.
You are not forced to stay here, that is your choice. But more on that later. First of all, it is time for you to process what happened. "

"I want to know if Luke escaped in time." Only slowly did the memories of the last minutes of his life come back in detail. Anakin realized again how close the Death Star had been to explode. And Luke had just barely launched the ship ...

"Stop your attachment to power," Obi-Wan replied gently. 'The lifeless shells that are given to us as bodies at birth may cease to exist, but our spirit remains forever connected to power. It allows us to see those who are close to us. '

Anakin nodded briefly and closed his eyes, fascinated to see that the warm light around him did not disappear. It was replaced by a bright pattern of colors that slowly formed an image until he gradually recognized the cockpit of Luke's shuttle.

Luke sat at the front of the controls without really concentrating on landing on Endor. He absently rubbed his artificial hand as he looked down at the greenish, busy surface, leaving the autopilot to navigate entirely. After the first shock had been overcome, the traces of the long struggle slowly seemed to be felt on Anakin's son.
The worst still awaited him. Tomorrow at the latest, the Emperor's Sith lightning bolts would cause severe pain from serious nerve damage ...

Anakin turned away quickly and was instantly back with Obi-Wan in the light that already felt like a kind of home. It was a good place to put your thoughts in order, with no outside influence.
Obi-Wan's serious nod showed that he knew he was guilty. He had always been the better telepath of the two of them. 'I don't know if I belong here.'

'Only you can know that, Anakin. It is not the job of power to judge you. You have to deal with your deeds yourself. You can end this state if you think you can't, but I don't remember ever giving up so quickly. ”With a quick wave of his hand, Obi-Wan created a kind of translucent seat on which to sit down , probably more out of habit than to rest.
'Luke will survive the Emperor's attack without major damage. It won't be the last time that he has to choose between his light and his dark side. There is an arduous road ahead of him. If you want to help him, you have to learn to accept yourself first. "

'That's impossible,' Anakin said immediately. Anger at Obi-Wan's magnanimous naivete rose in him. From the position of his old teacher, it was easy to say that one should learn to let go. He had never strayed from the right path. 'Who do I want to fool? I've wiped out more lives than even the clone war had to answer for. How could I ever forgive myself for what has happened all these years? ’

'Is Vader dead? Did you leave Vader on the Death Star? ’

,Yes but...'

'No buts,' Obi-Wan interrupted sharply. 'You took this form because Anakin died on Mustafar before his body was burned on the edge of the lava. The brief moment when you overthrew the Emperor and brought power back into balance was nothing but a reflection of your old self, which as Darth Vader had already suffered far too much damage for you to return to. This look, this memory of a man who was much bigger than anything you have created in the last 20 years is your real self. Everything else was destroyed on the Death Star. "
Obi-Wan sighed deeply. "Besides, you don't seem to realize that the burden of guilt is far from resting on your shoulders alone."

,Is that so? It was you who taught me that everyone is responsible for their own actions.
You know ... The Emperor and I have rarely talked in the last few years. After a few attempts to get rid of me, in the end he realized that he was best advised with me. In any case, we have found something of a mutually beneficial basis.
But he never made me forget that he always despised the way I handled my life. Shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star, when I was expecting it to kill me for my failure, he called me into his office.
Usually he never asked me to kneel in front of his throne for long, but that day he just sat there at his desk for half an eternity and looked over me without a word.
I was actually finished with my life and was waiting for him to attack me when he suddenly started talking. I will never forget these words.
A man sums up his life. He thinks about all the good and bad decisions, concludes that the bad ones outweigh all and calls them 'fate'. Have you already given up on yourselves, Lord Vader, or are you ready to fight your former life - if it was your son who defeated you in the last fight? I want to keep you by my side, but I want to know who to trust. '
Anakin shook her head slowly, bitterly. 'The question was idle. He knew I was loyal, at least at this point. He just wanted to show me again what I had lost. And that I had found a very convenient excuse for it. I will not advance this excuse any further.
Whether or not what happened was the will of power is meaningless. I have dedicated my life to the dark side. Nobody made me do it. There is no excuse for it. '

"Before I settled on Tatooine, I would probably have agreed with you," Obi-Wan nodded surprisingly. 'But I had enough time there to ponder everything that had happened, and the spirit of my old teacher by my side to realize. There have been moments when my own self-loathing has been so great that I have considered just lying in the desert to die. The very thought, the vague hope that Luke would one day take over his difficult inheritance, stopped me. "
Obi-Wan sounded almost as cynical as Anakin himself, except that those feelings were directed against himself. 'As a child of prophecy, Anakin, you never had good qualifications. The Jedi Order was in deep crisis at the time. Instead of helping you, Master Windu, Master Yoda and I have both done everything to pave the way to the dark side for you.
Master Yoda was the first to realize it, but it was too late by then. More and more wrong decisions were made. The destruction of the order was the result of our own arrogance. ’Obi-Wan rubbed his eyes tiredly. 'Palpatine really didn't have a hard time breaking it all up. The republic was on the verge of destruction just like the order. Master Yoda always knew that the only way to restore balance would be to destroy the old system. It broke his heart long before Qui-Gon found you on Tatooine. "

Anakin let these words sink in, tried to classify what he had heard. He sat down next to Obi-Wan so that he could concentrate better. He was amused to find that less than a quarter of an hour after he had regained his natural limbs, he was falling into old habits. He had adopted one of those kneeling postures that he had been taught to meditate as a padawan.
'I thought of Qui-Gon a lot during the war. He would probably have retired when the Jedi went to war for Palpatine. I have often asked myself what would have happened if I had been his student. "

Obi-Wan nodded briefly. 'As a Jedi you learn to leave the past behind and look ahead, but I've drawn my own conclusions over the past few years. I now believe that if Qui-Gon had defeated this Sith on Naboo, Palpatine would never have come to power.
I just wasn't ready then to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight. And I was years too young and twice too immature to face the challenge of my own student. I undertook your training out of loyalty to Qui-Gon and was haughty enough to believe that I could actually control you. Although Master Yoda clearly accused me of this arrogance once more, I was too blind to see my mistakes.
Instead of nurturing you and teaching you what Qui-Gon once taught me about living power, I got stuck on your mistakes. During the first few days on Tatooine, I tried hard to remember the last time I praised you for something in your training. I didn't know anymore. Because of my inability to admit that I was completely overwhelmed with you, I made it possible for Palpatine to cast a spell over you. I have neglected my responsibility to the Order and the Galaxy by failing completely as your teacher.
When I realized that there was no longer any way to save you from your future, I took it for granted that I had to stop you. And even on that point I missed when I was too caught up in my pain and grief to wait for your death. "

Anakin couldn't remember ever hearing Obi-Wan speak so openly about feelings and stared at him in amazement without interrupting him. It was only when his old master mentioned the events on Mustafar that he turned away because the shadowy memories in his head became too painful. Not that ridiculously short moment when his body burned. The heat had destroyed all layers of the skin too quickly for him to feel physical pain for a long time, even though those few seconds had been one of the most intense pain he had ever felt in his life.
But the other images that flashed in his head and that for the first time in a long time he hadn't suppressed immediately had happened even before this lightsaber duel had begun ... A duel that simply didn't want to end because Anakin through the dark Side Obi-Wan had been at least equal ...
But before he had even made the first blow with the sword, he had taken the final step that had led to the death of his old self, as Obi-Wan called it. And after all these years he still couldn't think about it in peace. He would never be able to do that.

Obi-Wan was right! You have changed!

Her voice in his head again, like it was when his mind had finally said goodbye to that crippled, dying thing that had once been Darth Vader.
Did she tell him she loved him too? He hadn't thought about the few words they'd exchanged for too long before he'd completely lost his mind, and even now it hurt too much to try to remember. Would it have made a difference if she had said it? Probably not. The distance between them had been too great.

Obi-Wan mercilessly broke through his mental wall. 'It wouldn't have gotten through to you with a single word, Anakin. Nobody could. And like all of us, she had done her part to ensure that there was no salvation for you that day.
She shouldn't have flown to Mustafar. She co-founded the beginnings of the rebellion. I still wonder what she was thinking. That you would build a new republic with her? ’

"She wanted to give Luke and Leia a chance to grow up with both of us," Anakin explained, although he would have preferred to change the subject. But he knew it was time to face this pain. 'She was scared of me and I can hardly blame her. Just the thought of losing her ... That she betrayed me ... The anger suddenly overshadowed everything. All I had to do was focus on our mental connection to know that it hadn't brought you to Mustafar on purpose. If I had only taken a few seconds ... ’He broke off, tiredly resting his face in his hands.
'What are you trying to tell me Obi-Wan? That I became a victim of circumstance? I think you consider your role in this tragedy a little too important. "

'I'm just asking you to look at it from a different point of view for a moment. It's never too late to change your life. Not even now. Your children need you, Anakin. If you flee from yourself, you also condemn them to get by on their own for the next few years. I will not always be there. Luke needs you. You should try to come to terms with the past. '
Obi-Wan gave a dry laugh. 'That must sound like I've already done it. I'm still trying to come to terms with what happened back then. All I did for Luke was basically just an attempt to make amends for what I did wrong with you. It was Master Yoda and Qui-Gon who helped me to see that there are some things that we have no control over. And that there are more important things for me to do than meditate for years about why I was so damn stupid. "

'Master Yoda ...' Anakin repeated thoughtfully. ,Is he here?'

,Sometimes. He's earned a quiet retirement after everything he's done for the galaxy. "
Obi-Wan's gaze turned slightly inward using the same connection Anakin had made with Luke earlier. ,Come along. Sometimes I still forget that time goes by faster here. "

'Come with me? Where?'

Instead of answering, Obi-Wan put a hand on Anakin's arm, closed his eyes and showed him with a simple, short exercise to focus his energy how to switch from the world they were in to that in which they had lived before.

Seconds later they were in that clearing where Luke was performing a ritual he must have read about in Obi-Wan's notes - the Jedi burial. Not that there was much of Vader to burn. Only the artificial limbs and the uniform that had ensured that no one could establish a connection between Anakin and Vader since Anakin's death had yet to be destroyed.
Luke carried out this uncomfortable task with a calmness on his already suffering features that Anakin found admirable. After everything that had happened, it must have taken a lot of strength to say goodbye to his father in this way too. But at the same time, the honor of the cremation was proof that Luke had understood and accepted why Vader had been as he had known him ... and that he had learned to look behind the mask.

Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes at Anakin. ,He is strong. Stronger than the two of us together. ’

"Why are we here?" Anakin asked in a trembling voice.
For the first time he really began to realize that his earthly life was over. The conversation with his old teacher, which could just as easily have taken place during normal meditation, had pushed the events on the Death Star into the background. But now that he was about to attend his own funeral, knowledge fell on him again with the force of an exploding sun.

'To say goodbye.' Obi-Wan directed his arm back a little way into the thick woods so they wouldn't be seen. 'After all that has happened, you must now begin to detach yourself from your ended life and withdraw into the light. My intuition tells me that you won't have much time to do this. The destruction of the empire was only the first step. Luke and Leia face a future that we ask a lot of them. You will need support. '

'Luke yes, maybe. Certainly not Leia. ’Anakin didn't need anyone to tell him how much his daughter must hate him. 'She will never be able to forgive me for what has happened in the past. I have no right to ask them to do so. She suffered a lot more than Luke did under Vader. "
Goosebumps crept up his arm when he realized that he had just thought of his old self as a separate person for the first time. As someone who had nothing to do with him. 'I probably wouldn't even recognize her. I have never seen her before. Not like everyone else, anyway. '

"The chance for that will come soon enough." Obi-Wan probably noticed that it was enough for the moment and brought Anakin and himself back into the light. 'You alone can make that decision.
I offered as much help as I could. I now have an old friend to visit. And then a victory celebration awaits us on Endor.
Make up your mind how to proceed, Anakin. You have balanced your account. You have the right to choose what happens next. Think about it, but not too long. You know...'

"Time goes by faster here." Anakin grinned crookedly. 'There are lessons that even I can quickly grasp.
I will think about it. After all, there aren't that many alternatives. "

"Nothing is lost in the living power that has the power to change an entire galaxy, Anakin." With this last puzzling remark, Obi-Wan left his former student alone.

The victory celebration on Endor, like on all planets that celebrated the fall of the Empire, was not exactly quiet. Not only the wooden wind instruments of the Ewoks echoed happily through the forest as Luke went back to his friends, but also many happy, exuberant voices. Voices from people he'd grown to love in recent years.
Too dear if you were to believe Ben's old records. It had been the weakness of a single Jedi that had plunged the galaxy into the Empire's crisis. But if that weakness had consisted solely of feelings, feelings like those that drove Luke to the Death Star to give his father one last chance ... Then that weakness and the love of a second Jedi had brought peace back too.
Many of the old principles had to be reconsidered for the new Jedi Order to work, Luke knew that already. As so often, he wished dearly that Ben was still alive, although Ben had disappointed him in more ways than one. Without him, he felt overwhelmed with his task.
Fortunately, it would be a few more years before the need for a new order arose. Even though he had a lot of people around him who were close to him, Luke felt very lonely, very lonely, in those minutes after he had had to bury his own father. "I miss you, father," he mumbled quietly before stepping out of the darkness of the forest to the huge campfire where he had spotted his friends and sister from afar.
He had to force himself not to show his depression, especially when he hugged Leia. She would soon have enough to deal with. This day today was just for celebration.
Still, he couldn't concentrate on it. He wandered aimlessly up and down the edge of the camp. His attachment to power told him that something was going to happen, that something else was in store for him ... He could only hope that there would be no unpleasant surprise. He'd had enough of that for now.
A relieved smile crept onto his lips as he spotted Yoda's and Ben's silhouettes at the edge of the clearing, hidden in the cover of darkness. He wasn't alone. Had he really thought that for a moment? How should that be possible? Then anyone in Power would have expected a lot from a young Jedi at the beginning of his career.
He smiled gratefully at his old masters when a third silhouette appeared next to them. At first Luke paused, confused because he only knew Anakin's face in an older, mutilated version, from the brief moment on the Death Star when he had removed his mask ... Then he remembered what Ben had once told him about Vader said.

When that happened, the good man who was once your father was destroyed.

Just as one no longer looks at the traces of their lifelong struggle between Ben and Yoda, the ghost apparition of Anakin had apparently been adapted to the image that he had corresponded to as a Jedi. Luke realized that Anakin couldn't have been much older than himself when he fell for the dark side.

And today in this fight with the Emperor it had been so close ... Luke almost gave in to the same destructive emotions ... He was filled with deep relief at the thought that his father would also stand by him in the future. He could use any help he could.
With a grateful smile he looked again at his three advisors before he let Leia kidnap him to the victory celebration. For at least a few hours he didn't want to think about what he had to experience today. For now, it was best to let the past rest.

,She is beautiful.'
Obi-Wan noticed how thick Anakin's voice suddenly sounded when they were back in the light.He suspected what was going on in his old pupil, but said nothing. It was up to Anakin himself to take that step back in time. Before that he would never be able to find peace.
'She looks like her mother.' Now it was finally out, the subject that had hung over both of them like a sharp ax all along. Today as then.
And now Anakin gave in to his feelings for the first time since he'd arrived in this other world. He collapsed, hands clasped over his face, and wept unstoppable tears that were long due. 'I didn't want her to die,' he burst out. 'That was not my intention!'

"Of course not." Obi-Wan put a hand on his shoulder, trying to provide clumsy support that Anakin probably wouldn't be able to accept right now. It was just too early for that. Obi-Wan could only try to show him the way, as he had failed earlier. 'Back then I made a big mistake when I accompanied Padmé to Mustafar. But I also learned something new in this regard.
I leave it up to you to decide how to proceed. Now that you are finally no longer hiding behind that wall of guilt, you are ready for one last confrontation. You should realize that she also knows exactly what happened to you back then. "

'What are you talking about?' Anakin looked up, confused.

Master Yoda, who had briefly disappeared after attending the rebellion victory celebration, reappeared next to Obi-Wan, leaning on his stick, as serious and level-headed as Obi-Wan had always remembered him. 'Your old master already said it ... The strongest force in living power is never lost. In the old Jedi order this belief has been lost. But love is also part of a Jedi's life. Love has led to the balance being re-established.
Strong the power is here. Bring back what was lost. ’Master Yoda paused for a moment. An affectionate smile lit his wrinkled green features. 'The door has been opened, young Skywalker.'

Stunned, Anakin straightened up when another silhouette manifested itself behind his teachers, which he would have recognized at first glance from thousands.

Padmé had already looked like an angel to him when they first met on Tatooine with her endless dark hair and piercing round eyes. Now that her petite body shone in the same light that surrounded the three of them as power spirits, this impression was amplified many times over. She was dressed in the same pastel colored dress she had been wearing when she and Anakin first kissed. Her eyes were grave, but when she hesitantly reached out her hand to him, she smiled.

Nothing more was necessary. Anakin walked up to her, hugged her and found himself in a long kiss with her. Their rediscovered happiness, feelings of never-forgotten, deep love, brought them both away from the place where Obi-Wan and Master Yoda watched the scene with a touched smile for a first time of healing.

The circle had come full.
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