Refurbished devices are durable

When does the electrical installation have to be renewed?

Bad surge and lightning protection:

To reduce the risk of overvoltage damage caused by lightning strikes, damaged cables, ailing plugs or an incorrect fuse should be repaired or replaced. Otherwise, in an emergency, there may be consequences such as damage to an electrical device and fire hazard.
It is also worthwhile to protect expensive and high-quality end devices in particular. This includes televisions, satellite systems, hi-fi receivers, PCs and notebooks. Microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, alarm systems and heating controls also contain electronic components that are very sensitive. They can all be seriously damaged by overvoltage in one fell swoop. The end devices are safely connected to the multi-level protection concept via special sockets, socket strips and socket adapters with integrated surge protection.

Outdated equipment:

The comprehensive modernization of electrical systems must be planned, as with a new building, and be at least based on DIN 18015 (electrical systems in residential buildings). The RAL-RG 678 contains stipulations that go beyond the minimum standard, which also defines standard and comfort equipment. The three equipment levels are marked with one, two or three stars: from the minimum equipment (one star) to the most comfortable solution (three stars). For example, the necessary and recommended numbers of sockets, circuits and connections are specified in relation to the respective room.

Tip: have an e-check carried out

Since the overall condition of the electrical equipment can hardly be checked by a layperson, homeowners should have the electrical system checked by a qualified electrical company. The so-called e-check checks whether the electrical system and all devices in the house are in proper condition in accordance with the applicable VDE regulations. If this is the case, the perfect condition is confirmed by the E-CHECK inspection sticker. The condition of the system and devices is also documented in a detailed test report. Any deficiencies to be corrected are also recorded here. The costs depend on the one hand on the size of your system and the number of devices. On the other hand, however, also according to the scope of the consulting service by the electrician.