Crowdfunding in Finland

The last hurdle to the EM in Finland

This is how the platform "ibelieveinyou" describes the crowdfunding project "The last hurdle to the EM in Finland"

Dear sports fans and supporters! Have you ever heard of e-wheelchair football? E-wheelchair soccer, or as it is known internationally, power chair soccer / football, is a competitive sport for electric wheelchair users and is played together by male and female players of all ages. This team sport for people with severe physical disabilities was officially included in the Austrian Disabled Sports Association in 2013. Football connects people and contains a lot of emotions and is fun together. For example, an e-wheelchair footballer, who needs to be supported in every activity in everyday life, burst into tears when he scored his first goal. Victories are celebrated together and memories are kept for a lifetime. You also learn a lot from defeat because we understand each other privately and have become friends. Many would never have believed us as a team, what we have already done! E-wheelchair football in Austria In Austria we have created the opportunity to actively participate in sport for people who were previously denied access. We have our own league, tournaments and regular weekly training. It is also offered to children in schools and there are already two school teams. Regular training brings athletes a lot of fun on the field and has a positive effect on everyday life for people with disabilities. New friendships are made in the team, self-confidence grows and social skills are strengthened. Last but not least, sport also keeps you physically fit, which is very important for people with muscle diseases and limited mobility. More about this at The national team and the preparations The first national team called up was able to gain its first international experience 3 years ago and took third place. This year we will visit Austria for the first time ...

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