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Melissa Etheridge, the "All American Girl" (this expression comes from her fourth record "Yes I Am"), is not exactly one of the unsuccessful in the industry. She has sold the trifle of 25 million albums, received countless awards (including two of the coveted Grammys) and given live concerts in front of millions of enthusiastic fans.

Melissa EtheridgeOscar for best movie song
Melissa Etheridge gets an Oscar on the sideboard: "I Need To Wake Up" was chosen as the best movie song. With "The Lives of Others", a German film was finally successful again at the 79th award of the most important film award.
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Little Melissa started playing the guitar at the tender age of eight, wrote her first songs at the age of eleven, and only two years later she was standing in front of a live audience. After a few more live appearances, she played a gig at the Long Beach Club and was signed by Island Records "on the spot", so to speak. The result was five outstanding albums in a row. That started with her first record "Melissa Etheridge" (1988). Melissa quickly recorded it in four days, followed by the well-known hits like "Bring Me Some Water" and "Like The Way I Do", which developed into Melissa's trademark.

Openness pays off, thought Melissa in 1992, and publicly acknowledged her homosexuality. David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was able to donate seeds for the two children she is raising with her partner. And even in the oh-so-prudish America, this honesty was well received by her fans. In 1993 Melissa released the album "Yes I Am" and finally achieved the really big breakthrough. As a reward there was the Grammy as "Female Rock Vocalist Of The Year" for the song "Ain't It Heavy" from the album "Never Enough" (1992). After four worldwide successful albums, "Your Little Secret" was released in September 1995. That should be enough for now, because after the debut of her children, she retired from the business for three years.

In 1999 she reports back - she creates the album "Breakdown" together with her co-producer and long-term tour guitarist John Shanks. Similar to "Yes I Am", the record clings to the top of the charts. Even if the song "Enough Of Me" claims otherwise: personal, sometimes intimate confessions still play a major role in Melissa's work.

For example on their 2001 output "Skin". Under the impression of the separation from her long-time friend, rather calm songs were created for her. The 2004 album was completely different: "I called the album" Lucky "because I wanted to make sure that everyone noticed that this was a happy album," the musician tells us on her website.

In this festive mood, the devastating diagnosis bursts in the same year: breast cancer! Melissa Etheridge faces her fate and wins the battle against the disease, which was recognized at an early stage. At the Grammy Award ceremony in 2005, she - bald from chemotherapy - performed the song "Piece Of My Heart". With renewed energy and a new focus, she is starting the second half of her career.

She ends the first half musically with the compilation "Greatest Hits / The Road Less Traveled", which she comments as follows: "That was the phase of life in which success and rock'n'roll were the most important things for me, a phase in which it was all about music, singing, songwriting and playing. Those days are over. My subjects are different today. This album is a nice end to everything that was in the past. It's a chapter, the first chapter. "

"Greatest Hits / The Road Less Traveled" presents 17 songs from 17 years. Also included: big and small hits, favorite pieces and five new songs. Including "I Run For Life", in which she comes to terms with her fight with cancer. "I really wanted to make a very personal statement, wanted to bring out my very own feelings for the song and portray a woman who had breast cancer behind her."

At the same time, the album points to the future: With "This Is Not Goodbye" the singer marks the start of the second half. The compilation is the last chapter of an old and the first chapter of a new story. Turning point and important milestone in her career, because "after all, a greatest hits album shows you that you've done something right". The record is available as a single CD and as a CD / DVD pack with interviews and TV documentation.

On October 5, 2007, Etheridge released her ninth studio album, "The Awakening", whose pre-single "Message To Myself" was presented on Thomas Gottschalk's "Wetten, dass ...". The work, with 16 brand new tracks, inspires with musical versatility and Melissa's particularly haunting vocal work that gets under your skin.