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Cleansing chakras: draining foreign energies

The human energy field is anything but a closed system. Rather, we can imagine it as a kind of energy cloud that weaves through the space around people. In the interaction with other people, auras penetrate each other very strongly and there is an exchange of energy and resonance phenomena. It can be difficult to stay in your own energy, especially in cities and crowded places. We unconsciously pick up vibrations, or our own system goes into resonance with external energies. Of course, these should not stay in the field if possible.

Chakra cleansing: energy hygiene for the chakras

Just like our physical body, our energy system therefore also needs protection and hygiene. The best protection is a good grounding and a good contact with physical bodies as well as a great familiarity with your own energy.

However, when we are tired, under stress or among many people, we easily lose this natural protection. It is therefore advisable to regularly cleanse the chakras. Chakras almost clean themselves when they function optimally, which is why normal chakra meditation or chakra balancing can also work like chakra cleansing. With the help of earth energies or higher vibrations (8th chakra) can help to cleanse the chakras.

If foreign energies become more stubborn, this mostly has to do with personal issues that have a resonance to these energies and therefore hold onto them. It is not enough here to carry out an energetic purification - the external energies will keep coming back, but the underlying personal issues must be dealt with.

Purify energy connections to the chakras

We have a very strong emotional or mental bond with certain people in our life, which manifest themselves in the form of energy connections. Some people perceive these as energetic strings on the chakras, which people can connect even over great distances.

We are not always aware of these connections; they can also arise from subconscious or suppressed attachments to people - for example parents or former partners who may no longer play a major role in present life.

Such energy connections to the chakras can also arise through sexual contact.

Most often, negative energy connections arise at the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra and heart chakra. The solar plexus chakra in particular is often affected, for example in all cases by mental manipulation and power games. This can often be felt through pain and other uncomfortable sensations in the solar plexus chakra.

Instructions for chakra cleansing

Go to a quiet, undisturbed place where you like to be. Sit upright in a position that is comfortable for you.

Purify the energy field:

  • Close your eyes, watch your breathing for a while
  • Go through your body with your attention and let go of all tension
  • Feel the earth beneath you that carries you. Feel where your body rests on the earth, establish contact with it. Let go and surrender to the embrace of gravity, relax completely in this feeling of stability and security
  • Realize that the whole universe is made up of energy and light, and so are you. Feel your energy.
  • Feel your field like a vessel that is filled with energy. Where is the energy light and clear, where is it dense and heavy?
  • Let all heaviness and density flow downwards, while clear, pure energy flows in from above.
  • Do this until your entire vessel feels light and clear.

Purify the chakras:

  • Now turn your attention to the area of ​​the chakra that you want to work with. Breathe into this area and feel it deeply.
  • Try to let go of all tension in this chakra
  • Imagine how long roots grow into the ground, how you thereby connect to the earth. Feel the strength and support that flow to you from this connection
  • Keep this idea up inside you until a deep feeling of rootedness and steadfastness expands within you
  • When you breathe in, you breathe white, pure light into the chakra
  • As you exhale, you let go of all dark and heavy energy
  • With every breath, the light in your chakra expands, it starts to shine
  • Breathe this way for a while and let go of all negative energy
  • When you feel a sense of expansion, clarity, and lightness in your chakra, you can end the meditation in your own time.

This meditation can also be carried out with the energy of the 8th chakra instead of with earth energy.

Instructions to cleanse chakras: energy connections

Go to a quiet, undisturbed place where you like to be. Sit upright in a position that is comfortable for you.

  • Close your eyes, watch your breathing for a while
  • Go through your body with your attention and let go of all tension
  • Feel your own energy, be completely in your body
  • Visualize the person you feel an energy connection to in front of you
  • Feel in your own body where you can perceive the connection
  • Where is she exactly? What does she look like? How does she feel
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to break that connection.
  • Visualize or feel yourself and the other person and the energy connection between you as a cord between the chakras by which you can perceive them
  • With a strong, determined gesture, sever the energy connection. For some people it helps to visualize a pair of scissors, a sword or a ray of light.
  • Breathe the loose end of the string back into your chakra. Feel your own integrity and completeness
  • Visualize the person again. Check your field. When the energy connection returns, ask yourself what you want or think you need from this person. Can you let this go or give it to yourself Go back to meditation if necessary.
  • Thank the other person for all of the lessons they've helped you learn and let them go.
  • Feel your field again for a while and breathe light into your chakra.
  • After a comfortable time, open your eyes.

Author: David Rotter


12 Responses to "Chakra Cleansing"

          • Hello Irzi,

            one often hears the question of energy deprivation, but in my opinion it is actually posed from the wrong side.

            The reason people can rob us of energy is our stuff - suppressed feelings, unconscious beliefs, addictions, old pain, etc. You can think of them as "docking points" or - purely as a picture - holes in our protective shield.

            So the best protection is to watch when we are being stolen from us and use it to heal our own issue.
            In addition, it is important to be very grounded in the physical body.
            Finally, one could say: love is the ultimate protection.

            It is similar with cleansing: Actually, it is often us who hold onto the negative energy.
            For cleansing, I simply recommend the basic meditation. Grounding, contact with nature, sunlight, sport, body work, salt baths, music and smoking are also helpful.

            You can also develop your own meditations on how to flood yourself with light or ease. It's about the intention and letting go.

            Best wishes!