Why do people do lakshmi puja


Short lecture (revised text) by Sukadev on the meaning of Lakshmi at Navaratri, the nine-day festival for the worship of the Divine Mother:

Goddess of beauty and love

Lakshmi symbolizes the divine mother in all beauty. She has two hands up, holding the flowers, and two hands down, from which blessings come. The blessing flows to us through Lakshmi and we can let it flow on.

Lakshmi also means that in this world the divine mother is visible everywhere. It is also called: "Satyam Shivam Sundaram", God can be experienced as truth, as love and as beauty. Goethe called it "the true, the beautiful, the good".

"Satyam Shivam Sundaram" leads us to the truth. There is a truth behind this universe. A higher truth, not in the sense of word truth, but a higher truth behind everything. There is love in the universe and there is beauty. And especially love and beauty remind us again and again of the divine mother Lakshmi.

There is beauty in everything

And so I would like to encourage you today to look more often at the beautiful and to become aware: "Yes, there is beauty in everything." We can see it in many plants, in many flowers, or in the first red leaves this autumn. There is also beauty in people and in what people have made. We can see the beauty and abundance everywhere because the Divine Mother is everywhere.

The principle of service

Another Lakshmi principle is the aspect of service. Lakshmi also symbolizes letting it flow through. We can open ourselves again and again to the blessing, to intuition, creativity, everything positive, everything light. We can open ourselves to all of this, but we cannot collect it. It all flows through us.

We cannot put on a sack of positivity and light. Energy has to flow, otherwise it comes to a standstill. Always wanting to accumulate the positive for yourself does not lead to having more energy. It's about passing it on, letting it flow on. As long as this principle is in flux, things are going well and you have the feeling that everything runs by itself.

The stagnant flow of energy

Burnout means that you closed yourself off and spent more than you let in. Conversely, you can also allow more to be given than you pass on. This is not positive either, because the more we give, the more we can receive. And the more we receive, the more we can give.

The principle of openness

Another Lakshmi principle is to recognize that there is much more inherent in us and that we have many more abilities and possibilities than we believe and believe to be possible. The point is not to block these abilities, but to let them flow on and on.

We can show curiosity for this: "What is still inherent in me that wants to manifest itself through me? What still wants to develop in me?" Then beauty and abundance can grow in us.