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Steno today - German unified shorthand

BiBox (single license for 1 school year)

Digitally supported teaching made easy

The BiBox is the digital textbook / ebook for the textbook Steno Today - German standard shorthand from westermann!

This is what the BiBox for Steno today offers - German standard shorthand in the single license for schoolchildren:

  • Contains the complete digital textbook / ebook of the textbook Steno heute - Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift
  • Teaching material can be placed online by the teacher from the BiBox for teachers directly on the textbook page and processed internally by the students.
  • You pay once and use your license for all types of use: web, mobile, online / offline and for all operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • Automatically synchronizes your files, annotations and notes between all end devices.

The BiBox provides intelligent tools for optimal and easy working with the digital textbook:

  • Responsive design for use on smartphones / tablets
  • Integrated audio player for listening and reading at the same time
  • Search function for all materials including full text search in the schoolbook
  • Marking function for highlighting text or lines of text
  • Freehand drawing for highlighting and graphic accents
  • Eraser for erasing marks
  • Text copy for copying parts of text
  • Scissors for cutting out text and picture elements
  • Covering tool e.g. for the presentation via beamer or whiteboard
  • Hide all drawing objects for a better overview
  • Note function for your own notes on the book page
  • Bookmark function for quickly finding important pages
  • Can be used online and offline

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How does the BiBox work?

You can find comprehensive information on the BiBox at Watch an information video about the BiBox:

License information:

  • Single license for one student
  • If you purchase a license between 01.05. and the 31.07. of a calendar year, the license term ends on July 31. of the following calendar year (= end of the school year). If you purchase a license between July 31st and 01.05. of the following calendar year, the license term begins one school year earlier and ends on July 31st following the date of purchase.


License acquisition between 01.05. and 31.07. 2020; The license term ends on July 31, 2021

License acquisition between 07/31/2019 and 05/01/2020: License term ends on 07/31/2020

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