What job will make me popular

This is how you become popular with your colleagues

Do you always bring your colleague a coffee with you? This is a good idea because it increases the chance that your coworker will like you. Those who are popular in the workplace make life easier for themselves: A good relationship with colleagues not only improves the working atmosphere, but also helps you if things don't go so well for you. In addition, colleagues you like are more likely to relieve you of work or exchange an unpleasant service.

But how do you become popular with your colleagues? It is important that you find a good measure: as soon as others have the feeling that you are ingratiating themselves, it quickly creates a very bad impression. This also applies if it appears that you are only doing others a favor when they are hoping for something in return. It is better to stick to the following tips:

1. Make small but honest compliments

Everyone is happy about a compliment. Say something nice to your colleagues from time to time. This will not only raise the mood in the team, but will also be fondly remembered. Small compliments are sometimes better than big ones. Emphasize how well your colleague gave their presentation, how well-founded their expertise is in a field - or tell them that their fitness training is already worthwhile and that they look significantly better.

Be honest and don't overdo it: people have a keen sense of whether you are telling the truth. Even if you are flattering someone because you are hoping for a favor. (Also read: How to Always Have Better Arguments in Salary Negotiations)

2. Show interest in your co-workers

Almost all people feel good when they can talk about themselves. It's nice to talk about things that interest you. Be a good listener. This will make you sympathetic to your counterpart. Does he have a hobby or a special interest? Did he mention a new sport that he would like to try? Pick up on that and ask. Almost more important than asking: Listen consciously and do not interrupt your conversation partner.

3. Ask others a favor

It sounds strange at first: if you ask others a favor, there is a good chance that other people will remember you positively. It is of course also a good idea to do someone else a favor: bring your colleague the coffee from the canteen with you, it is a friendly gesture that he will certainly appreciate. Interestingly, the opposite also works: Just ask your colleague for a coffee.

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This phenomenon is also known as the Benjamin Franklin Effect: Franklin is said to have asked a rival to lend him a rare book. He complied with the request - and a lifelong friendship grew out of it. Scientists have confirmed this effect. On the one hand, people like to do someone a favor when they like them. Conversely, the brain seems to assume that you like someone if you do them a favor.

4. Participate in the office gossip

Granted, it's not exactly nice to talk about other people behind your back. At the same time, this happens thousands of times a day in companies - and it's not so bad at all. It has been scientifically proven that gossiping strengthens the cohesion of a group. Therefore: Participate in such conversations at least from time to time.

There are clear limits to this: Be careful not to spread any rumors. It goes without saying that bullying is taboo. Quite apart from ethical aspects - with bullying you are guaranteed to make yourself unpopular. (Also interesting: Toxic colleagues: stay away from these 6 people!)

5. Have your emotions under control

Sometimes it just doesn't work: you have stress in your private life, you are up to your neck at work - and then you get this one email, the content of which makes you really angry. When a bad mood sets in, that's only understandable. Make sure, however, that you deal with the bad mood with yourself and not take it out on your colleagues.

In addition, do not grumble about work. Anyone who only complains about how bad the job is and how bad it is not only spoils the mood for others, but is quickly written off by colleagues.

5. Say hello and keep eye contact

It sounds banal, but say hello to other people when you come into the office. Look your colleagues in the eye. You should not only greet your closest colleagues, but whenever possible all the people you meet in the morning. Also be nice to the porter and give him a brief look.

Even if you are very shy, you should be careful to look other people in the eye. This also applies to conversations and meetings. If this is very difficult for you, use a trick: Concentrate for a moment on the color of the eyes of the other person - and then look away again with confidence.

6. Show interest and be helpful

Does your colleague sink into work, but you still have some air? Offer your help. Your colleague is going on vacation in two weeks and you have just read an article about the country you are traveling to? Forward the article. Those who are interested in their environment and empathize with others are popular with others. But be careful: Don't buy yourself popularity at any price with favors, but say no when others ask you for a favor. This is especially true if you feel that the favors are getting one-sided: after all, you want to be respected. That also makes people popular.