Are the Poles racist against South Europeans?

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In this section, the differentiated understanding of racism created in the previous chapter is expanded by pluralization. While the differentiation relates to the forms of knowledge (biological and culturalist racism) and areas of racism (everyday life and institutions), a pluralistic understanding of racism brings the various groups affected by racism to the fore. The key question is: Which groups are perceived by which form of racism and how, and consequently discriminated against? To put it another way: The cognitive interest of this section is to fathom the racist image or construct on the basis of which different social groups are recorded. The way in which “Asians” and “Asians” or blacks are racially classified differs, for example, from the racist construction of a Muslim and a Jew. In the further course it will also be shown that historically and also currently there are links and overlaps between the group-specific racist constructions.

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