How do I fix my broken dishwasher

Repair the dishwasher

Dishwashers help save time and money

Most people don't know that much about their dishwasher - except that it cleans the dishes on its own, which saves a lot of time. Modern devices also save a lot of water. The time saved is 15 to 45 minutes, the amount of water saved is 20 to 30 liters per wash cycle. But when the dishwasher malfunctions, most people don't know what to do at first.

You don't always have to call customer service immediately

However, you do not have to inform customer service immediately. Many malfunctions are due to incorrect assembly or neglect of maintenance work. You can even repair more complex defects yourself - depending on your knowledge, of course. In the case of more difficult defects, electrical expertise is indispensable; in the case of electronic errors, you must also be able to read out the device (error memory).

Eliminate simple causes before calling customer service

Nevertheless, you can at least isolate or exclude many errors so that simple causes can be excluded. This saves a lot of money, after all, no service provider is hired or can start the specific repair immediately and does not have to first carry out the time-consuming and therefore expensive checks that you have already been able to exclude.

How dishwashers work

However, it is necessary to know the basic functional principle of a dishwasher. There may be deviations, especially with regard to the age of a device, but of course also depending on the model and manufacturer. But we point this out. The basic functionality of a dishwasher is as follows:

  • After the program has started, most devices pump the residual water out of the pump sump
  • a solenoid valve opens the water inlet
  • Sensors or vacuum boxes prevent the dishwasher from overflowing
  • In modern devices, the water is heated by a flow heater, older devices have an open heating coil or a heating rod
  • the circulation pump delivers the cleaning water repeatedly into the spray arms
  • The detergent and rinse aid are carried over to the next program cycle via the water in the pump sump (it is never completely pumped out)
  • rinsing is done with hot water
  • There are pockets for cold water in the sides of modern dishwashers to create cold areas to condense the water vapor to dry
  • the remaining water remains in the pump sump until the next program start

Assignment of a defect

Based on the sequence of a dishwasher program, you can now assign a defect to a time. Very few people know that many dishwashers pump out at the very beginning, before water runs in. If there is water in the dishwasher, you can see at the beginning of the program whether it is related to the pump.

Operating and maintenance errors can also be the cause

If the dishwasher does not dry, there does not have to be a real defect. It could be an operating or maintenance error. Multi-dishwasher tabs suggest that regeneration salt is no longer needed. That's why people keep doing without it. As a result, the dishes may dry poorly or not at all.

Some errors can be repaired quickly and easily

You will find further information on this under “Dishwasher powder”. If the dishwasher does not draw water, this can only be due to a kinked inlet hose or a clogged sieve. However, a solenoid valve, the Aquastop system or another component can also have defects.

We offer you suitable repair instructions for all types of damage

In the house journal we offer advice and repair instructions for all known malfunctions around the dishwasher. But this always includes that you isolate the error. Always check the simple possible sources of error before considering complicated defects.

The house journal not only offers you a lot of help when repairing a dishwasher. We also describe in detail how to disconnect or connect a dishwasher. You will of course also find appropriate advice if you want to connect or repair your washing machine.

If possible, only resort to customer service if you can rule out sources of error that you can rectify yourself. However, if you still have a guarantee, you should immediately make use of this service;

Under "Circulation pump in the dishwasher" we describe the causes of errors that may have to do with this pump, under "Drain pump in the dishwasher" for the drain pump. We also describe defects in this context under “Electronics in the dishwasher” and under “Solenoid valves in the dishwasher” for the most important solenoid valves. Another important component when repairing is the dishwasher's water pocket. Reading out the fault memory of the dishwasher when repairs are also important.