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End-to-end tests: Microsoft publishes Playwright testing tool for Python

Microsoft publishes a pre-release version of Playwright for the Python programming language. With the tool, developers can write end-to-end tests in Python - for all modern web browsers.

The Playwright API can be used to create automated E2E tests that should run on all modern browsers. Such tests have a reputation for being slow and inaccurate. For this reason, the development team released a JavaScript version of Playwright at the beginning of the year to give numerous developers the opportunity to extensively test the tool. Playwright is now also available for Python.

A look under the hood

In contrast to some comparable test tools, Playwright should provide reliable, timeout-free automation. The tool apparently automatically waits for the user interface (UI) to be ready. This is to ensure that tests can be performed reliably and are also easier to create. A look under the hood shows that Playwright is based on an event-driven architecture that can listen to browser events such as DOM changes, network requests and page navigation.

In order to be able to react quickly to future innovations for web platforms, the development team has designed the Playwright testing tool so that it can automate newer web functions such as emulations of mobile viewports, geolocation and web permissions. Playwright scripts can intercept and modify network activity and automate scenarios across multiple pages.

Modern browser support

With Playwright you can create automated tests for all modern browser engines. For example for Chromium (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge), WebKit (Apple Safari) and Mozilla Firefox. WebKit is supported on all platforms, so developers can test the rendering on Safari, as well as on Windows and Linux machines.

Further information on the announcement and installation via pytest and Django can be found on Microsoft's developer blog.


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