What is Samuel Petuhov's Apple Google idea


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G 아


Part I, List of Patentees







For sale by the U.S. Goverment Printing Office

Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-9328
ISBN 0-16-045356-9


pt. !

List of Patentees 5
List of Reissue Patentees. 4196
List of Reexamination Certificate Patentees 4211
List of Design Patentees. 4223
List of Plant Patentees ........ 4473
List of Statutory Invention Registrations 4483



Patents 101,676 5,274,846 to 5,377,358 inclusive

Reissues 317 34,493 to 34,813 inclusive
Designs 11,095 342,818 to 353,931 Inclusive
Plants 495 8,527 to 9,021 inclusive
Reexamination Certificates 285 2145th to 2437th Inclusive
Statutory Invention Registrations 117 H001270 to H001388 Inclusive

The number of patents issued during a year may be fewer than the number derived by subtracting the number of the first
patent and the last patent due to withdrawals, etc.


M / A-COM, Inc .: See M & W Gear Company: See

Goodrich, Joel L .; and Souchuns, Christopher C., 5,343,070, CI. Swearingen, John R .; Jardine, Richard K .; Bradford, John 0 .; other
257-594,000. Rathbun, Loren L., 5,349,806, CI. 56-341,000.
Ravid, Shmuel; Olsen, Alan R .; and St. Onge, Gary E., 5,281,928, M&W Industries: See
CI. 333-81.00R. Minor, James G., 5,312,477, CI. 95-99,000.
M / A-COM Omni Spectra, Inc .: See M. W. Kellogg Company, The: See
Resnick, Paul; and Wilson, Francis, 5,322,453, CI. 439-581,000. Bogner, Alan E .; Cherish, Peter; and Schamp, Scott T., 5,346,133,
M.A. Industries, Inc .: See Cl. 239-132.300.
Williams, Craig B .; and Montgomery, Joseph H., 5,277,272, CI. Cialkowski, Edward J .; and Ognisty, Thomas P., 5,346,593, Cl.
182-93.000 . 203-18.000 .
LIKE. Closely. & Kind regards. Inc .: See Cizmer, Lloyd E .; Lee, Jing M .; and O'Connor, Thomas M.,
Allenbaugh, Howard M., 5,325,630, CI. 49-62,000. 5,362,454, CI. 422-201,000.
M. B. Adams and Associates, Inc .: See Dou, Suisheng M .; Hansen, Allen R .; Heidenreich, Steven C .;
Adams, Madison B., 5,295,512, CI. 137-625.690. Hillier, William J .; Niccum, Phillip K .; and Schlossman, Maury
M- B Sales, Division of the Havi Group Limited Partnership: See I., 5,289,976, CI. 239-431,000.
Fekete, Ferenc; and Chung-Ho, Kai, 5,277,646, Cl. 446-491,000. Dou, Suisheng M .; Hansen, Allen R .; Heidenreich, Steven C .;
M-B-W, Inc .: See Hillier, William J .; Niccum, Phillip K .; and Schlossman, Maury
Artzberger, Thomas G., 5,320,448, CI. 404-133.100. I., 5,306,418, CI. 208-157,000.
Motl, Robert M., 5,340,233, CI. 404-133.050. Durr, Charles A., and Petterson, William C., 5,325,673, CI.
M.C. Chemical Co .: See 62-23,000.
Mackey, Glenn C .; and Lucas, William H., 5,288,145, CI. Durr, Charles A.; Manley, David B .; and McKee, Robert L.,
366-152,000. 5,335,504, CI. 62-20,000.
M. C. Electronics Co., Ltd .: See Hoegberg, Otto H., 5,303,769, CI. 165-108,000.
Takashima, Shigekazu; and Sakamoto, Norio, 5,292,396, CI. Peterson, Robert B., 5,370,844, CI. 422-147,000.
156-345,000 MW Trading APS: See
M. C. International: See Holmgren, Bertil, 5,289,914, CI. 206-1,500.
Lego, Francois, 5,315,837, CI. 62-89,000. Holmgren, Bertil, 5,368,162, CI. 206-387,000.
M - C Power Corporation: See M & W Verpackungen Mildenberger & Willing GmbH: See
Laurens, Rene M .; Benjamin, Thomas G .; and Bachta, Robert P., Willing, Josef, 5,322,450, CI. 493-254,000.
5,298,342, CI. 429-35,000. M. Y Trondex Limited: See
M.E.P. Macchine Elettroniche Piegatrici SpA: See Bibby, Norman W .; and Willi, Oskar L., 5,308,560, CI. 264-50,000.
Del Fabro, Giorgio; and Masera, Ercole, 5,275,034, CI. 72-160,000. Ma, Abraham C .; and Hsueh, Paul Y. J., to MA Laboratories, Inc.
Del Fabro, Giorgio; and Del Fabro, Marcello, 5,375,447, Cl. Packaged integrated circuit add-on card and method of manufacture.
72-307,000 5,362,985, 11-8-94, CI, 257,707,000.
M.E.P. Macchine Elettronichi Piegatrici SpA: See Ma, Bing F., to Micro Linear Corporation. Power MOSFET driver
Del Fabro, Giorgio; and Del Fabro, Marcello, 5,285,671, CI. with cross-conduction current reduction. 5,281,862, 1-25-94, CI.
72-294.000 . 307-270.000
M & FC Holding Company, Inc .: Lake Ma, Bu-Feng: Lake
Bake, Earl A .; and Stephens, Leonard J., 5,288,054, CI. 251-171,000. Seureau, Jacques; Ma, Bu-Feng; Aurelle, Yves; and Hadjiev,
MGK Group Inc .: See Dimitre, 5,332,500, CI. 210-512.100.
Manne, Liora G., 5,329,680, CI. 28-107,000. Ma Chi Electric Apparatus Ent. Co., Ltd .: Lake
M. & G. Ricerche S.p.A .: See Chen, Chao-Hsiung, 5,334,052, CI. 439-650,000.
Al Ghatta, Hussain, 5,374,690, CI. 525-437,000. Ma, David L .: See
Al Ghatta, Hussain A.K .; Severini, Tonino; and Astarita, Luca, Moore, Andrew J .; Ma, David L .; Bontz, Robert L .; and Burns,
5,362,763, CI. 521-79,000. Charles C., 5,351,329, CI. 385-92,000.
Al Ghatta, Hussain A.K., 5,376,734, CI. 525-437,000. Ma, David L. S .: See
Ghisolfi, Guido, 5,334,669, CI. 525-437,000. Moore, Andrew J .; Ma, David L. S .; Bontz, Robert L .; and Bon
Ghisolfi, Guido, 5,338,808, CI. 525,437,000. ham, Harry B., Jr., 5,301,251, CI. 385-91,000.
M. Grumbacher, Inc .: See Ma, Gordon C .; Pirastehfar, Hassan; and Adler, Steven J., to Motorola,
Chambers, Godfrey; Hoyte, Wayne M .; and Stegmeir, George J., Inc. Double implanted laterally diffused MOS device and method
5,312,482, CI. 106-243,000. thereof. 5,371,394, 12-6-94, CI. 257-335,000.
M. H. Segan and Company: See Ma, Hai -Ping: See
Segan, Marc H .; and Newsome, Michael, 5,279,871, CI. 428-18,000. Gardner, James F .; and Ma, Hai-Ping, 5,370,402, CI. 277-27,000.
M.I.C. Industries, Inc .: See Ma, Hi K., to Synopsys, Inc. Three-state bus structure and method for
Morello, Frederick; and Kastner, Christopher K., 5,318,236, CI. generating test vectors while avoiding contention and / or floating
242-72.00R outputs on the three-state bus. 5,373,514, 12-13-94, Cl. 371-57.100.
Morello, Frederick, 5,359,871, CI. 72-7,000. Ma, Hongliang: lake
M.J. Mullane Co.: See Liu, Goudong; Zhang, Chuanli; Ma, Hongliang; Xu, Shizhen; Li,
Kwiatkowski, Janusz; and Mullane, Michael J., 5,371,979, Cl. Jingbei; Li, Xuecai; and Ding, Lidong, 5,338,376, CI.
52-24.000 148-304.000.
M-K Ferguson Company: See Ma, Hsi K. Docking station apparatus for portable computer. 5,290,178,
Cepkauskas, Martin D., 5,297,182, CI. 376-260,000. 3-1-94, CI. 439-652,000.
ML Laboratories PLC: See Ma, Hsi K. Detachable portable personal computer. 5,319,582, 6-7.94,
Davies, Donald S., 5,280,017, CI. 514-58,000. CI. 364-708.100.
M & M Displays, Inc .: See Ma, Hsi K. Computer system with removable floppy disk drive and
Fell, Michael J., 5,282,331, CI. 40-617,000. expansion slot assembly mounted flush in one corner. 3,363,273,
M&N Aerospace, Inc .: See 11-8-94, CI. 361-686,000.
Lang, Richard L., 5,323,170, CI. 343-872,000. Ma, Hsi-kuang. Pen base computer with detachable peripheral equip
M.O.S.S.- S.r.l .: See ment boxes. 5,325,262, 6-28-94, CI. 361-681,000.
Peterlini, Franco; Schenetti, Tiziano; and Minardi, Mrico, Ma, Hsi-Kuang. Built-up pen base computer. 5,327,322, 7-5-94, CI.
5,339,732, CI. 101-38.100. 361-681,000.
M- 1 Drilling Fluids Company: Lake Ma, Jingjing: Lake
Patel, Arvind D .; and McLaurine, Henry C., 5,350,740, CI. Nestegard, Mark K .; and Ma, Jingjing, 5,296,547, CI. 525-314,000.
507-129,000 Ma, Jong -Nam. Head for use with a golf putter. 5,348,301, 9-20-94, CI.
MPHIS.A.: See 273-167.00B
Ruhlmann, Rene P., 5,339,587, CI. 52-287.100. MA Laboratories, Inc .: See
MP Software Inc .: See Ma, Abraham C., and Hsueh, Paul Y. J., 5,362,985, CI. 257-707,000.
Schultz, Phillip C., 5,332,228, Cl. 273-292,000. Ma, Mark. Portable and collapsible vessel holder. 5,282,592, 2-1-94, CI.
M -Pact Worldwide Management Corporation: See 248-150,000
Nelson, Thomas W., 5,284,468, CÍ. 602-5,000. Ma, Philip: See
M / RAD Corporation: See Aldrich, Paul E .; Earl, Richard A .; and Ma, Philip, 5,314,887, CI.
Marshall, Philip, 5,277,066, CI. 73-663,000. 514-252,000.
M&S Tool and Die Company: See Ma, Qiyuan; and Hardy, Walter N. Superconductor logic and switching
Schultz, David; and Heinz, Donald E., 5,347,899, CI. 83-50,000 circuits. 5,345,114, 9-6-94, CI. 307-476,000.
M. T. McBrian Company, Inc .: Lake Ma, Qiyuan: Lake
Barrett, Michael R., 5,311,451, CI. 364-550,000. Hardy, Walter N .; and Ma, Qiyuan, 5,343,012, CI. 219,443,000.

Ma, Scott T .: Lake Maandi, Eerik; and Rich, Richard D., to Loctite Corporation. Anaero
Marvet, Lawrence E .; Ma, Scott T .; Le, Son Q .; Peebles, Douglas bic compositions which expand when post-cured. 5,373,075, 12-13-94,
D .; Karl, David; and Phelps, William C., III, 5,365,027, CI. CI. 526-262,000.
200-16.00D. Maanum, Armand D. Prosthetic device with a retaining strap.
Ma, Seok-bum: See 5,360,390, 11-1-94, CI. 600-39,000.
Kim, Dae-won; and Ma, Seok-bum, 5,311,338, CI. 359-70,000. Maari, Kouichi: lake
Ma, Sheau-Hwa; and Matthews, Andrew E., to Du Pont de Nemours, Konishi, Junichi; Maari, Kouichi; Taneda, Toshihiko; and Ki
E. I., and Company. Method for preparing negative-working wash shimoto, Akiko, 5,310,446, Cl. 117-58,000.
off relief images. 5,292,556, 3-8-94, CI. 427-264,000. Maas, Dana J.: Lake
Ma, Sheau-Hwa: See Duncan, David H .; Baker, Gene G .; Maas, Dana J .; Mohl, Kevin
Felten, John J .; Hertler, Walter R .; and Ma, Sheau-Hwa, 5,275,689, M .; and Todd, Robert G., 5,354,429, CI. 203-59,000.
Cl. 156-628,000. Maas, Joachim, to Alfred Teves GmbH. Master cylinder low / high
Felten, John J .; and Ma, Sheau-Hwa, 5,306,756, CI. 524-297,000. pressure combination valve which operates independently of brake
Wickramanayke, Palitha; and Ma, Sheau-Hwa, 5,302,197, CI. 106 pedal position. 5,332,302, 7-26-94, CI. 303-114.100.
22.00H. Maas, Joachim, to Alfred Teves GmbH. ABS hydraulic circuit with a
Ma, Son: See variably open inlet valve. 5,332,304, 7-26-94, CI. 303-116.200.
Eakins, Richard; Cimachowski, Czeslaw; Bentley, Brian; Krom-Maas, Joachim, to Alfred Teves GmbH. Anti-lock hydraulic brake
menhoek, Joe; Ma, Son; Harding, David; and Pang, Nelson, system. 5,356,210, 10-18-94, CI. 303-116.100.
5,320,412, CI. 297-353,000. Maas, Joachim: Lake
Ma, Suk B .: See Burgdorf, Jochen; Reinartz, Hans-Dieter; Steffes, Helmut; Meuse,
Shin, Jong Y .; and Ma, Suk B., 5,344,796, Cl. 437-233,000. Joachim; and Dinkel, Dieter, 5,290,098, CI. 303-115.400.
Ma, Sun - Chae: See Maas, Michael, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. Radiation diaphragm.
Lim, Moo-Seang; Yun, Jong-Man; Park, Chan -Kyu; Lee, Sang 5,365,566, 11-15-94, CI. 378-150,000.
Dae; Ma, Sun-Chae; Oh, Seung-Seob; Jeong, Eui-Sik; and Paek, Maas, Nissim, to Tama Plastic Industry. Trolley apparatus with in
Kwang-Sun, 5,316,042, CI, 137-625,110. forced plastic wheels and interlocking plastic bushings. 5,357,868,
Lim, Moo -Seang; Yun, Jong-Man; Park, Chan -Kyu; Lee, Sang. 10-25-94, CI. 105-180,000.
Dae; Ma, Sun-Chae; Oh, Seung-Seob; Jeong, Eui-Sik; and Paek, Maas, Steven J .; and Meyer, A. Douglas, to Litton Systems, Inc. Multi
Kwang-Sun, 5,331,986, CI. 134-88,000. ple segment fiber optic hydrophones. 5,317,544, 5-31-94, CI.
Ma, Thomas T., to Ford Motor Company. Internal combustion engine 367-149,000.
having variable event timing. 5,297,507, 3-29-94, CI. 123-90.170. Maas, Werner E .: Lake
Ma, Thomas T., to Ford Motor Company. Hydrocarbon emission Cory, David G .; and Maas, Werner E., 5,317,263, Cl. 324-309,000.
control. 5,357,919, 10-25-94, CI. 123-193.200. Cory, David G .; Laukien, Frank H .; and Maas, Werner E.,
Ma, Warren: See 5,323,113, CI. 324-318,000.
Neal, Lewis G .; and Ma, Warren, 5,302,188, CI. 95-34,000. Cory, David G .; Laukien, Frank H .; and Maas, Werner E.,
Ma, Xiwen; Zhang, Hongmin; and Xu, Weidong, to Apt Instruments 5,325,058, CI. 324-309,000.
(N.A.) Inc. Data forming method for amulti-stage fuzzy processing Maas, Wilfridus P. M .: See
system. 5,305,424, 4-19-94, CI. 395-51,000. John, Christopher S .; and Maas, Wilfridus P.M., 5,292,972, CI.
Ma, Yamin; Grady, Richard; Lind, Robert J .; and McCutcheon, Tera 568-847,000.
D., to Graco Inc. CO2-assisted spray gun and nozzle. 5,346,134, Maas, Wilhelmus J. J .; and Hurkmans, Petrus L. S., to AFA Products,
9-13-94, CI. 239-288,500. Inc. Trigger-piston connection. 5,318,206, 6-7-94, CI. 222-383,000.
Ma, Yamin; Lunzer, Lawrence J .; and Fender, Norman N., to Graco Maas, Wilhelmus J. J .; and Hurkmans, Petrus L. W., to AFA Products,
Inc. High voltage sealing and isolation via dynamic seals. 5,364,035, Inc. Plastic spring assembly for trigger sprayer. 5,341,965, 8-30-94, CI.
11-15-94, CI. 239-690,000. 222-340,000.
Maas, Wilhelmus J. J .: See
Ma, Yongfu; Wu, Peicheng; Sun, Yong; Zhu, Sangjian; Huang, Yuexin; Steijns, Emile B .; Maas, Wilhelmus J. J .; and Hurkmans, Petrus L.
Yang, Weiying; Yao, Kaiwen; and Zou, Youreng, to China Petro W., 5,297,701 See
, Cl. 222-153,000.
Chemical Corporation; and Jing Ling PetrochemicalCompany, Maass, Bernhard:
Sinopec. Dehydrogenating catalyst for saturate hydrocarbons.
5,358,920, 10-25-94, CI. 502-330,000. Baldus, Berthold; Maass, Bernhard; Muller, Bernd; and Witt, Who
ner, 5,316,766, CI. 424-94.630.
Ma, Yueh Y .; andChang, Kuo-Tung. Self-aligned dual-bit split gate Maass, Burkhard; and Rautert, Jurgen, to Heidelberger Druckmas
(DSG) flash EEPROM cell. 5,278,439, 1-11-94, CI. 257-319,000.
Ma, Yueh Y.; and Chang, Kuo-Tung, toBright Microelectronics, Inc. chinenKlaus
Maass, AG. Table
P., to cover. 5,358,236, 10-25-94,
Draftex Industries Limited CI. 271-248,000.
. Sealing and wiping
Flash eprom memory circuit having source side programming. arrangement including inflatable chamber. 5,339,488, 8-23-94, ci.
5,280,446, 1-18-94, CI. 365-185,000. 15-250.010.
Ma, Yueh Y .; and Chang, Kuo-Tung, to Hyundai Electronics Industries Maass, Michael: See
Co., Ltd. Method of making a self-aligned dual-bit split gate (DSG) Ebaugh, Paul J .; Maass, Michael; Broering, Gregg; and Jaliwala,
flash EEPROM cell. 5,364,806, 11-15-94, CI. 437-43,000. Salim A., 5,303,163, CI. 364-550,000.
Ma, Yutao: lake
M .; Wu, HakH .; Ma, Yutao; and Jorgensen, Erik Maass, Wolfram, to Leybold Aktiengesellschaft. Magnetron sputtering
Vancho, Vincent cathode for vacuum coating apparatus. 5,284,564, 2-8-94, Cl.
L., 5,346,747, CI. 428-209,000. 204-298.200.
Maa, Peter S .: Lake Maatschap J. A. Grotenhuis c.s .: Lake
Kramer, George M .; Ernst, Edwin R .; Hsu, Chang S .; Singhal, Grotenhuis, Josef A .; and Van Mullekom, Arnold P., 5,287,890, CI.
Gopal H .; and Maa, Peter S., 5,294,349, CI. 208-400,000. 137-625.690.
LeViness, Steve C .; Hsia, Steve J .; Wen, Michael Y .; Davis, Maatta, Eric A., to Kansas State University Research Foundation.
Stephen M .; Culross, Claude C .; and Maa, Peter S., 5,338,441, CI. Homogeneous, low-temperature transition metal-mediated synthesis
208-419,000. of nitriles. 5,359,119, 10-25-94, CI. 558-308,000.
Maack, Hanns-Ingo; Neitzel, Ulrich; and Schafer, Ingo, to U.S. Philips Maayan, Lior, to Scitex Corporation Ltd. Method and apparatus for
Corporation. Arrangement for producing X-ray images. 5,280,512, preparing picture masks. 5,355,446, 10-11-94, CI. 395-134,000.
1-18-94, CI. 378-29,000. Maayeh, Elias S., to Uniplast, Inc. Give stick for high-temperature and
Maack, Hanns- Ingo; and Neitzel, Ulrich, to U.S. Philips Corporation. low-temperature application based on ethylene vinyl acetate and
Method of dynamic range compression of an X-ray image and appa tackifying resins. 5,362,792, 11-8-94, CI. 524-491,000.
ratus effectuating the method. 5,357,549, 10-18-94, CI. 378-62,000. Mabe, James A .: Lake
Maack, Hanns-Ingo: See-Hamill, Robert L .; Mabe, James A .; Mahoney, David F .; Nakat
Conrads, Norbert; Hillen, Walter; Maack, Hanns- Ingo; Rupp, Sukasa, Walter M .; and Yao, Raymond C., 5,312,738, Cl.
Stephan; Schafer, Ingo; and Schiebel, Ulrich, 5,341,409, CI. 435-75,000.
378-29,000. Mabee, Michael S .: See
Maack, Steven R., to Delco Electronics Corporation. Self-retaining, Robichaud, Arthur W .; and Mabee, Michael S., 5,306,533, CI.
self-sealing pressure sensor. 5,317,924, 6-7-94, CI. 73-756,000. 428-34.200.
Maack, Werner: See Maberly, Timothy R .: See
Kaus, Rainer; Gause, Dieter; Weber, Reinhard; and Maack, Wer Casci, John L .; Lake, Ivan J. S .; and Maberly, Timothy R.,
ner, 5,307,220, CI. 360-85,000. 5,345,021, CI. 585-467,000.
Maag, Herrman J .: See Mabey, Peter J .; and Ball, Diana M., to U.S. Philips Corporation.
Bowns, Mark W .; and Maag, Herrman J., 5,277,371, Cl. Information transmission system. 5,278,831, 1-11-94, CI. 370-94.100.
241-154,000. Mabey, Peter J .: See
Maag, James L .: See Richardson, Andrew J .; and Mabey, Peter J., 5,369,637, CI.
Williams, Gary J .; Stokes, Todd E .; Leigh, Joseph A .; and Maag, 370-84,000.
James L., 5,317,941, CI. 83-13,000. Mabie, Edwin W .: Lake
Maag, Ross A .: See Casquilho, Manny R .; Heinzen, Alan B .; Mabie, Edwin W .; other
Clegg, Michael W .; and Maag, Ross A., 5,327,722, CI. 60-323,000. Schneider, Ralph S., 5,282,319, Cl. 34-8,000.
Maali, Fereydoun, to Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. Context indepen- Mabry, George R .: See
dent fusion of range and intensity imagery. 5,349,378, 9-20-94, CI. Franklin, Philip G .; Ward, Scott; and Mabry, George R., 5,377,256,
348-46,000. CI. 379-59,000.
Maandi, Eerik; and Rich, Richard D., to Loctite Corporation. Anaero-Mabry, Ronald D .; and Unger, Gerald F., to Flexo Transparent Inc .;
bic compositions which expand when post-cured. 5,302,679, 4-12-94, and Unger Company, The. Bags for maintaining crispness of cooked
CI. 526-262,000. foodstuff. 5,346,312, 9-13-94, ČI. 383-113,000.

Mabuchi, Akira: Lake MacArthur, Duncan W .; and Bounds, John A., to University of Califor
Manabe, Katsuhide; Mabuchi, Akira; Kato, Hisaki; Sassa, Mi nia, The Regents of the. Fan - less long range alpha detector.
chinari; Koide, Norikatsu; Yamazaki, Shiro; Hashimoto, 5,311,025, 5-10-94, CI. 250-374,000.
Masafumi; and Akasaki, Isamu, 5,278,433, Cl. 257-103,000. MacArthur, J. Ward; Wahlstedt, David A .; Woessner, Michael A .; other
Mabuchi, Hiroshi; and Wakita, Maki, to Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Mech Foslien, Wendy K., to Honeywell Inc. Receding horizon based
anism for locking a shutter of a floppy disk. 5,299,078, 3-29-94, CI. adaptive control having means for minimizing operating costs.
360-99.020. 5,301,101, 4-5-94, CI. 364-156,000.
Mabuchi, Kazuichi; and Nishida, Yutaka, to Mabuchi-Motor Co., Ltd. MacArthur, J. Ward: Lake
Miniature motor. 5,343,102, 8-30-94, CI. 310-71,000. Lu, Zhuxin J .; MacArthur, J. Ward; and Horn, Brian C., 5,351,184,
Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd .: Lake Cl. 364-165,000.
Akiyama, Takeshi; and Nakayama, Shinichi, 5,290,005, Cl. Shah, Dipak J .; MacArthur, J. Ward; Buchholz, Robert L .; Grail,
248-671,000. Eric W .; and Nelson, Lorne W., 5,318,104, CI. 165-22,000.
Hagiwara, Kenji; Shibuya, Isao; and Yoshimura, Kazutoshi, Macartney, Charles T .; and Daykin, Victor A., ​​to Starplex Scientific.
5,357,159, CI. 310-40.OMM. Sealing closure cap and biological sample collection tube. 5,306,270,
Lee, Takanobu; Matsushita, Ikuo; Take, Masao; and Mifune, 4-26-94, CI. 604-415,000.
Masahiro, 5,298,820, CI. 310-40.0MM. Macas, Tadas S., to Neos Technology Inc. Sodium dispersion and
Lee, Takanobu; Matsushita, Ikuo; Take, Masao; and Mifune, organohalide reaction processes. 5,318,228, 6-7-94, CI. 241-21,000.
Masahiro, 5,298,826, CI. 310-156,000. Macatangay, Edwin E .: Lake
Mabuchi, Kazuichi; and Nishida, Yutaka, 5,343,102, CI. 310-71,000. Park, Sang C .; and Macatangay, Edwin E., 5,279,610, CI.
Murai, Kunitake, 5,328,108, CI. 242-7.030. 606-108,000.
Muramatsu, Shinichi; Kaneko, Hiromichi; Nakayama, Shinichi; and Macaulay, Donald J .; and Lofts, David S., to Hydromix, Inc. Concrete
Akiyama, Takeshi, 5,294,497, CI. 429-97,000. mixing system with cement / water premixer. 5,352,035, 10-4-94, CI.
Nishiwaki, Satoshi, 5,296,774, CI. 310-248,000. 366-15,000.
Sakuma, Eiichi; Saiga, Kazumasa; and Kashiwazaki, Yuji, Macaulay, Neil. Exhaust muffler. 5,326,943, 7-5-94, CI. 181-269,000.
5,296,771, CI. 310-220,000. Macaulay, Patrick E .: Lake
Sato, Makoto, 5,281,876, CI. 310-40.0MM. Cimino, William W .; Abrams, Robert; Taimisto, Miriam H .; Jensen,
Shibata, Hisashi; Sasaki, Norihiro; and Egawa, Yoshiaki, 5,363,005, Marc; and Macaulay, Patrick E., 5,364,352, Cl. 604-95,000.
CI. 310-244,000. Macaulay, Philip D .: Lake
Suzuki, Satoshi; and Kajie, Naoshi, 5,287,028, CI. 310-71,000. Dinauer, William R .; Otis, David R .; El-Wakil, Mohamed M .;
Suzuki, Satoshi, 5,315,191, CI. 310-40.0MM. Vignali, John C .; and Macaulay, Philip D., 5,368,786, CI.
Mabuchi Motor Kabushiki Kaisha: Lake 261-130,000.
Suzuki, Satoshi; Shibata, Nobuyuki; Shirakawa, Ryotomo; and Mac Bean, Myles: See
Matsuda, Akira, 5,338,618, CI. 428-614,000. Davis, Lynn; and MacBean, Myles, 5,343,055, CI. 257-186,000.
Mabuchi, Nobuhiro: Lake Macbon Pty. Ltd .: See
Otake, Masayuki; Sakamoto, Kiyoshi; Watanabe, Shuji; Inada, Dunnett, Bruce
Maccabee, Graeme
S., toS.United
, 5,347,934,
of 104-6,000.
America, Navy. Magnetostric
Akira; Mabuchi, Nobuhiro; Kikuchi, Naoyuki; Tanabe, Shigeru; tive motor system. 5,341,056, 8-23-94, CI. 310-26,000.
and Otoshi, Takuo, 5,327,207, CI. 355-311,000. Maccagno, Alberto: Lake
Mabuchi, Toshiaki: Lake
Takayama, Nobutoshi; Kobayashi, Takashi; Mabuchi, Toshiaki; Manassero, Giorgio; and Maccagno, Alberto, 5,314,248, CI.
374-124.000 .
and Takahashi, Koji, 3,335,189, CI. 364-565,000. Maccalli, Giacomo, to Curioni Sun S.r.l. Apparatus for forming and
Mabuchi, Yoshiyuki: lake
Sugata, Akihiko; Tamura, Kenji; and Mabuchi, Yoshiyuki, applying, Colin: See
MacCallum handles to bags. 5,350,350, 9-27-94, CI. 493-221,000.
5,336,321, Cl. 118-315,000. Blackwell, Brian R .; and MacCallum, Colin, 5,305,698, CI.
Mabuti, Kouzou: Lake 110-348,000.
Honma, Masaki; Nakano, Akio; Mabuti, Kouzou; Asahi, Isamu; MacChesney, John B .: Lake
Tsuruta, Setsuo; Fujino, Nobuhiro; and Kobayashi, Nobuhisa, Bhandarkar, Suhas D .; Chandan, Harish C .; Johnson, David W.,
5,343,387, CI. 364-401,000. Jr .; and MacChesney, John B., 5,344,475, CI. 65-395,000.
Mac Equipment, Inc .: See Macchi Cassia, Antonio, to Groupement d'Interet Economique Elis.
Newbolt, Richard E .; and Remmers, Theodore L., 5,350,257, CI. Hand towel dispenser. 5,375,920, 12-27-94, Cl. 312-34.170.
406-75,000 Macchiarulo, Vincenzo; and Foia, Giovanni, to Pirelli Trasmissioni
Mac Lean Fogg Company: See Industriali S.p.A. Method and apparatus to check the state of wear in
Hellon, Keith; and Nickerson, Gerald D., 5,352,055, Cl. 403-24,000. a covering fabric of a driving belt. 5,307,672, 5-3-94, Cl. 73-118.100.
MAC Tools, Inc .: Lake Macchiarulo, Vincenzo; and DiGiacomo, Tommaso, to Pirelli Trasmis
Casto, Mark R .; Batten, Jeffrey A .; and Mathieu, Raymond J., Sioni Industriali S.p.A. Method and apparatus to check the accept
5,335,586, CI. 92-140,000. Ableness of the state of wear in the covering fabric of a driving belt.
Ernst, Michael L., 5,280,740, CI. 81-177,700. 5,351,530, 10-4-94, CI. 73-118.100.
Macadam, James M .; Bailey, Donald E .; and Savage, Ronald E., to MacCollum, George O., to Polaroid Corporation. Imaging laminates
Halliburton Company. Coiled tubing system used for the evaluation with improved tab for delamination. 5,279,889, 1-18-94, Cl.
of stimulation candidate wells. 5,351,533, 10-4-94, Cl. 73-155,000. 428-212,000.
Macadam, James M .: Lake MacConnell, John G .; Arison, Byron H .; Doss, George A .; and Mona
Allen, Thomas E .; Arnold, Gary D .; Case, Leonard R .; Clark, Ghan, Richard L., to Merck & Co., Inc. Cholesterol lowering com
Mark A .; Folmnsbee, Gary E .; Gammill, Jerry L .; Macadam, pounds. 5,317,031, 5-31-94, CI. 514-452,000.
James M .; Richardson, John M .; Sabins, Freddie L .; and Watters, MacConnell, John G .: See
Larry T., 5,355,951, CI. 166-250,000. Arison, Byron H .; Berger, Gregory D .; Huang, Leeyuan; other
MacAllister, Burton W .: See MacConnell, John G., 5,362,752, ČI. 514-533,000.
Wang, Da Y .; Kennedy, Daniel T .; Middleton, Thomas R .; and Byrne, Kevin M .; Chen, Shieh-Shung T .; Kaplan, Louis; MacCon
MacAllister, Burton W., 5,281,845, Cl. 257-467,000. nell, John G .; Petuch, Brian R .; White, Raymond F .; and Arison,
Wang, Da Y .; MacAllister, Burton W .; Kennedy, Daniel T .; Byron H., 5,302,604, CI. 514-338,000.
Browne, Joanne; and Umeya, Kazumasa, 5,296,424, CI. Driver, Laszlo R .; Arison, Byron H .; Chen, Shieh-Shung T .; Doss,
501-138,000 George A .; Huang, Leeyuan; and MacConnell, John G.,
Wang, Da Y .; Kennedy, Daniel T .; Middleton, Thomas R .; and 5,359,096, Cl. 549-363,000.
MacCoss, Malcolm: Lake
MacAllister, Burton W., 5,316,973, CI. 437-188,000. Allen, Eric E .; Greenlee, William J .; MacCoss, Malcolm; other
MacAllister, Burton W., Jr .: Lake
Wang, Da Y .; Kennedy, Daniel T .; and MacAllister, Burton W., Patchett, Arthur A., ​​5,324,729, CI. 514-258,000.
Jr., 5,304,294, CI. 204-426,000. Ashton, Wallace T .; Dorn, Conrad P .; Greenlee, William J .; Mac
Macaluso, Ignazio. Vehicle anti-theft parking space device. 5,365,694, Coss, Malcolm; Mills, Sander G .; and Wu, Mu T., 5,292,726, CI.
514-85.000 .
11-22-94, CI. 49-49,000. Ashton, Wallace T .; Cantone, Christine L .; Chang, Linda L .;
Macanna, Leo: lake
Maccoss, Malcolm; Chakravarty, Prasun K .; Greenlee, William
Outa, Junichi; Macanna, Leo; Satoh, Takako; and Nakamura, J .; Patchett, Arthur A .; and Walsh, Thomas F., 5,336,778, CI.
Masashi, 5,293,469, CI. 395-133,000. 548-250,000
Macano, Samuel J .: See Doherty, James B .; Finke, Paul E.; Hagmann, William K .; Kissin
Petit, William A .; Maderer, George G .; Macano, Samuel J .; and ger, Amy L .; MacCoss, Malcolm; and Shah, Shrenik K.,
Hoelscher, James R., 5,364,047, CI. 246-122.00R. 5,348,953, Cl. 514-210,000.
Macaoay, John M .: See Mills, Sander G .; Budhu, Richard J .; Dorn, Conrad P .; Greenlee,
Deeba, Michel; Macaoay, John M .; Suitch, Paul R .; and by Ball William J .; MacCoss, Malcolm; and Wu, Mu T., 5,344,830, CI.
moos, Roland, 5,300,469, CI. 502-63,000. 514-235.800.
Macarevich, Diane A .: Lake MacCoubrey, Ian C .: Lake-
Yang. Lau S.; and Macarevich, Diane A., 5,319,006, CI. Haugland, Richard P .; MacCoubrey, Lan C .; and Moore, Patrick L.,
523-500,000. 5,314,805, CI. 435-29,000.
MacArthur, Charles E. Horizontal furnace. 5,307,747, 5-3-94, Cl. MacCracken, Calvin D. Method of mixing cold introduced air with
110-233,000 warm room air. 5,304,094, 4-19.94, CI. 454-258,000.
MacArthur, Duncan W .; Allander, Krag S.; and Bounds, John A., to MacCrisken, John E.: See