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Dress: Asos / Jacket: Vero Moda / Skirt: Topshop / Sweater: Topshop / Dress: Topshop / Dress: Topshop / Dress: Urban Outfitters

Well-fitting clothes are the be-all and end-all, and the reason why I hardly ever shop at cheap chain stores. Too often I've had clothes that were thinned and puckered after a wash or two and actually didn't fit properly at all from the start. Every now and then you came across somewhat thicker fabrics and better quality at H&M and Co., but that was more of a lucky situation.

About two years ago I found a dress structured with pleats at Topshop, which, thanks to the thick, structured fabric, had a wonderful fit that was not lost even after ten or 20 washes. I couldn't find a similar dress for ages, but now the online shops and lookbooks for the next few seasons are suddenly filling with textured and structured fabrics. For example, there are dresses from Topshop (salmon-colored, burgundy red), Asos or Urban Outfitters, where you can be sure that their structured fabric will keep the fit. But even a skirt or a sweater made of this type of fabric guarantees to keep its shape over the long term. And quilted fabrics such as the Vero Moda jacket always fit well. For me, structured fabrics are the perfect alternative to neoprene - I usually feel too boxy and immobile in it.

What do you think of textured and structured fabrics?

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