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Crazy number row at the lottery game: In South Africa, unusual winning numbers cause excitement and a lot of fraud allegations.

  • The winning numbers of a Lotto*Game in South Africa are currently causing a stir.
  • The lottery is due to an unusual sequence of numbers Scam accused.
  • The national lottery commission announced the incident in South Africa to consider.

Kassel / Johannesburg - Very extraordinary Lottery numbers in South Africa are currently worrying the minds and causing international sensation. Because of multiple Fraud allegations turns off even the national lottery commission a. Was it actually a scam or can playing the lottery really be that easy?

20 South Africa Lottery Winners: Is It Scam?

In South Africa became the following last Tuesday (01.12.2020) winning numbers announced: 5,6,7,8,9 and the Powerball super number 10. The lottery then announced on Twitter that it 20 lucky winners there, who can all look forward to a profit of over 5 million rand (the equivalent of around 268,000 euros).

20 New Multi-Millionaires!

Congratulations to tonight's 20 winners of PowerBall draw. These numbers may be unexpected but we see many players opt to play these sequences.

Could you be one of these winners? Check your tickets now!

- #PhandaPushaPlay (@sa_lottery) December 1, 2020

"The numbers can be unusual, but there are a lot of players who play this sequence," she asserts lottery. In addition to the 20 lucky winners sagged 79 other lottery players 6,283 rand (the equivalent of around 335 euros), because you typed the number series 5 to 9 correctly, but were wrong with the additional number. Still let the winning numbers some people in the credibility of the lottery doubt. They publish theirs Outrage on social media.

South Africa: Lottery is accused of fraud - There is mistrust of lottery numbers on the internet

As reported by the online portal of the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, it is hailing in the social media en masse Fraud allegations. Many users express their distrust of these winning numbers and vented their anger: “20 winners !! That's ridiculous, ”wrote one Twitter user; another says "Sorry brother, the whole thing is a big hoax".

Lotto scandal in South Africa: NLC investigates possible fraud

Because of the massive accusations turned off the national Lottery Commission NLC one and announced that investigations would be initiated to investigate the possible Scam to uncover. According to bild.de, a spokesman said: "We'll take another look at it. If something went wrong, we will tell you."

The NLC wanted the people in South Africa Assure that all national lottery games are rigorous Review process would be subjected. In addition, would independent auditors and employees the Commission regularly monitor the draws. The NLC also asserts that the sequence of numbers, although unusual, is not impossible. (Alina Schröder) * hna.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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