Why are there still QR codes

The comeback of the QR code

The code is also being used more and more frequently for contact tracing. In Taiwan, you register from the office to the bar using a QR code. Anyone visiting clubs, bars or restaurants in Moscow after midnight has to scan such a code at the door and will then be forwarded - either to a state app or to enter their telephone number. The authorities in the Russian capital know who visited which club and when. So far, the codes are mandatory between midnight and 6 a.m. McDonald’s recently announced that it would also introduce the system in all Moscow branches on a voluntary basis during the day. Other fast food chains such as Teremok or Chaihona want to take over this anti-corona measure for their part. And hope to prevent their branches from being closed.

Before the “lockdown light”, you could leave your contact details on your smartphone in more and more restaurants in German cities. In Wesel on the Lower Rhine, several restaurants offer the QR code alternative to the paper industry. Unlike in Russia, the data does not go directly to the authorities. According to the developer company from Wesel, they are stored securely on a server in Germany in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and only transmitted to the health department if necessary. Students at the University of Merseburg can also register with the QR code when attending lectures.

More and more government agencies are integrating the square fields into their corona measures: In Germany, Covid 19 sufferers can enter their positive test result in the Corona warning app in order to warn contact persons. If you want to travel to Greece or Spain, you have to register online in advance and provide detailed information about the planned duration of the trip, the departure airports and the stay. You will then receive a QR code that must be shown upon entry. Failure to show a code in Greece can result in severe fines. When entering Spain, there are temperature measurements, and according to the information on the QR code, it is decided whether a corona test should be ordered as a precaution.