How long is the movie Dunkirk 2017

Christopher Nolan transports the audience to the beach at "Dunkirk"

The British director Christopher Nolan is considered an exceptional talent. The anticipation for his film "Dunkirk" was great - the war epic is one of the most anticipated cinema events of the year. The film recently had its world premiere in London. Shortly afterwards it started in the USA - and was extremely successful at the box office. He made over 50 million dollars in the first few days. Now "Dunkirk" is also coming to German cinemas.

Dunkirk: Moral Allied Victory

Nolan has adapted the historical events of the Battle of Dunkirk (Dunkirk) with all the means of modern cinema. Under the name "Operation Dynamo", around 340,000 British, French and Belgian soldiers were evacuated from the northern French coast to England with warships, but also many smaller private boats. The Allied troops had previously been surrounded by the German Wehrmacht near Dunkirk.

Red carpet for "Dunkirk" with actors and Prince Harry

The events that took place in the few days between May 26th and June 4th 1940 have engraved themselves deeply on the British peoples' soul. Even if the British and French were pinned down by the Germans after a military defeat, the largely successful evacuation later strengthened the perseverance of the British soldiers in particular. The events were seen by many as a "moral victory" over Nazi Germany.

Nolan wants viewers to feel "fear of death"

When it became known that Christopher Nolan wanted to deal with the famous Battle of Dunkirk in his current film project, many thought of another far-reaching, long war epic on the screen. But Nolan had something else in mind: "Many films about the Second World War that I actually admire seem out of date right there: when you cut on the map where someone is standing and explaining everything," the director revealed in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung ".

Escape from the Germans - Attacks from the air in "Dunkirk"

"I want to bring the audience to this beach with the fear of death, the uncertainty as to whether they will survive. As if they were there live," said Nolan about his plan to give the audience the most realistic possible impression of what was happening on the French coast . Dramatic and spectacularly staged battle scenes on land, on water and in the sky make for a visual rollercoaster ride in the cinema.

Christopher Nolan: Blockbuster director with high standards

With his previous work, the Brit stands for spectacular overwhelming cinema of the intelligent kind. His first films "Memento" and "Insomnia" already offered fascinating journeys into the subconscious of their cinematic protagonists and explored the boundaries between truth, reality, fantasy and dream. After that, the British managed to transfer the mix of entertainment and artistry to more expensive blockbuster productions.

Kenneth Branagh plays British Commander Bolton

Both in his Batman films ("The Dark Knight") and in his science fiction epics ("Interstellar"), equipment and spectacular moments of tension as well as aesthetic demands came together. Without a doubt, Nolan belongs to the globally manageable circle of directors who can set up extremely intelligent, profound entertainment cinema with a lot of money from Hollywood.

"Dunkirk": No superstars from Hollywood, no identification figure

And so "Dunkirk" is both: cinema for the masses, but also for those viewers who are interested in new varieties of the seventh art. Worldwide, "Dunkirk" has already made over 100 million dollars - and with it its production costs. An amazing result for a war film in such a short time.

The film largely dispenses with dialogues - and with a central film character with which the viewer can identify. There are primarily three narrative strands and perspectives that Nolan unfolds in front of the viewer: two British soldiers on the coast, two men in boats and a British pilot drive the plot forward.

Nolan: "Unusual for Hollywood"

With the actors, the director deliberately avoided current superstars from Hollywood and casts the roles without exception with European actors: "That is unusual for Hollywood, and it is also a risk," Nolan told the SZ. He told the producing studio how he wanted to do it: "With a certain seriousness and with respect for historical facts." Also there is the British singer Harry Styles ("One Direction") in the role of a young soldier.

Every boat is needed for the evacuation to England

Restricting the game to the unusually short length of the film, 107 compact film minutes, was also a conscious decision by the director. Above all, Nolan wanted to address the audience emotionally: "It is not a classic war film. The enemy is not even named, it is only marginally about war politics, and we hardly see the Germans, except in their planes." He wanted to create an "elementary, universal, almost biblical feeling": "The Israelites, trapped on the beach of the Red Sea, with the Egyptians behind them," the director tells in an interview.

Germany's Hans Zimmer contributed the soundtrack

The film, which was shot mainly on original locations last year and to which the German Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer contributed the music, is already being considered a hot Oscar candidate for 2018 by American film journalists.

Prince Harry welcomes the singer and actor Harry Styles at the world premiere

You should watch "Dunkirk" wherever possible, on the big screen - preferably in an IMAX cinema. The film was partly recorded with 70 mm special cameras, which enables particularly high-resolution and sharp images. Christopher Nolan is an avowed fan of analog film materials and the practice of showing films in large cinemas.

Nolan: "You should have this visual experience."

In the SZ interview, Nolan revealed to the viewers how he watched the individual scenes of "Dunkirk" during the shooting - and gave them some advice on the way: "It's the cinema in which I watch everything myself, in every phase of post-production. The screen is 18 meters high, there are still real rolls of film in the projector, 70 millimeter film, super sharp and high-resolution, it couldn't be better. You should have this viewing experience. " If it were up to him, Nolan said, this should be the best experienceeveryone Viewers make: "This traditional technology is vastly superior to any digital projection."