Why can't I put on a woman

Age-Shaming: Can I still wear this at my age ?! NATURALLY.

by Tina Epking
Are certain items of clothing really only made for young women? Definitely not, thinks our author.

A few days ago, I read an article that said the supermodel Helena Christensen had been criticized for what she was wearing. Because you can no longer wear it at her age. Quite apart from the fact that Helena Christensen would probably also shine in a potato sack, I found the approach completely stupid. It was about a connection that I did not understand: what exactly should the number of her birthdays have to do with what she had attracted?

I also asked myself: When exactly is the age at which you are no longer allowed to wear certain items of clothing - in Helena's case a black lace bustier, which, by the way, looked really great? And who actually determines that? I'm 40 now: does that mean that I can no longer wear skirts that end above the knee? And if so, who is going to forbid me from doing this? Are we living in 2019, or was I caught in a time warp and suddenly it was 1955 again?

Am I too old for a denim jacket?

My mother, who was very young at heart, once asked me if it seemed silly to walk around in a denim jacket. At first I didn't understand the question. Until she added "Or am I too old for that?". "Of course not!" I said a little too loudly. "Why should you be too old for that?" Then she said that it sometimes seems ridiculous when women wear things that are no longer appropriate at their age. But why should she only wear old-age beige clothes just because she's over 60?

In fact, I think it's bad that women even wonder if they're too old for something. But that they think about whether they can still wear a jacket or pants without making a fool of themselves is absurd. It's just even more absurd when other people think they should point out that a woman is not allowed to wear something because of her age. Age-Shaming is called New German, it is nothing more than discrimination. Quite apart from the fact that I think that everyone should wear what they would like to wear anyway, fashion has always lived from the brave. Honestly, I'd prefer a woman in a brightly colored denim jacket who looks happy than one who is wrapped in beige-gray, appropriate for her age. And who do you think looks younger? Just.

Wear pink and leopard prints!

Incidentally, I have never heard this topic discussed above, with or among men. Even when they are in their mid-80s they can still get into their canary-yellow Ferrari in neon-green training jackets and wear brightly mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses with them, without anyone thinking about whether that is okay at their age.

For once, I'm doing something that I rarely do: I advise women to take men as role models! Don't give a shit about the opinions of the others, forget your age and above all age-shaming! Put on neon pink and tabby pants and wear as many lace bustiers as you want. You can wear anything at any age. If necessary even beige. Don't let anyone tell you anything else!