Who is the next Kollywood king?

The Munich subway never looked more neon-colored, loudspeaker announcements never sounded so sexy. Marianne Sägebrecht plays in "Zuckerbaby" a lonely woman who falls in love with the voice of a subway driver (Eisi Gulp), his announcements sound like pure sex to her ears: "Next stop at Marienplatz", "Please get on at all doors "or" Stay back please ". There is also physical closeness in this trendy film fairy tale from 1985, which brought the leading actress and her director Percy Adlon the international breakthrough.

So the two of them were able to shoot their next film in the California desert: A Bavarian woman played by Sägebrecht ends up there; in a loden costume and traditional hat, she stands in front of a run-down motel, she rents a room, turns the shop inside out and falls in love with a stage painter (Jack Palance). "Out of Rosenheim" was the name of the film, in 1987 it was a hit in American arthouse cinemas, in Germany it attracted almost a million viewers to the cinemas. Since then, film fans have been making a pilgrimage to Newberry Springs in Southern California to visit the real "Baghdad Café" (the original title of the film). This was followed by a series offshoot with Whoopi Goldberg and a stage musical, Percy Adlon moved to Los Angeles with his wife Eleonore. They still live there today, in the mountains of Hollywood. "What Hollywood has really done to me is that I now understand my own roots much more strongly," he said a few years ago in a film portrait by Eckhart Schmidt.

Adlon's roots are in Munich, where he was born Paul Rudolf Parsifal Adlon in 1935 and grew up on the east bank of Lake Starnberg in Ammerland. His single mother came from the famous Berlin hotelier family Adlon, his father Rudolf Laubenthal was an opera singer. After studying and training as an actor in Munich, he came to Bayerischer Rundfunk, where he worked as an author, presenter and speaker. In the seventies he made countless television documentaries, including for the BR series "Under Our Heaven", in the eighties he turned to the cinema.

His last feature film to date, the artist drama "Mahler on the Couch", he shot in 2010 as a German-Austrian co-production with his son Felix Adlon. In between he made documentaries, including several about the sculptor Fritz Koenig, who died in 2017. His friends Percy and Eleonore Adlon want to transform his former property in Ganslberg near Landshut into a multimedia world of experience. The multi-talented filmmaker will be 85 years old on June 1st. ARD-Alpha is dedicating a themed evening to Percy Adlon: On Friday, May 29th, four of his documentaries can be seen from 8.15 p.m. On Monday, June 1st, from 4 pm onwards, he will talk about his life on the talk show "Eins zu Eins" on Bayern 2.