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  • November 29, 2015, 3:26 pm # 1

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    open air filter

    Does it make sense to install an open air filter on the 2.4Turbo S60?
    I indulged myself with the software from BSR St1 ... now the question arises whether an open loofie would do something towards the whole thing. You can read different opinions on the Internet.

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    Me: Mazda CX30 Skyactive X, you: C30 2.4i GT R-Design

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    At that time I received the recommendation to also lead 2 Ø50mm corrugated pipes into the air filter box, which suck in fresh air directly behind the bumper or in the airstream.

    Greetings ... Ingo

    (2005 V70R, '92 960SE,' 78 262C)

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    Except for more attentiveness through more noise and obviously manipulated parts in the event of an inspection by the race management, such a mushroom brings very little.

    A good plate filter in, if necessary supplement the intake with a cold air intake and it is good. But whether this is necessary / noticeable with a BSR Stage1, I dare to doubt.
    If you want something good for your engine, you should look for (re) smart software.

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    Well ... about the software ... so far I can't complain! I am satisfied with what I got and the consumption has also decreased a bit. The dynamometer is still pending - but the difference can be clearly felt. There is hardly anything negative to be found on the Internet about the BSR-SW. I think everyone has their own secret recipe for it.

    Back to the topic: I'm not interested in increasing the noise level, just to give the turbo more fresh air. But when it's done with a decent mat, I'll stick with it!
    What would you recommend? K&N is the only manufacturer that I've tried something from. Are there vll alternatives?

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    Has already been mentioned to you here.

    Yeah, well, that's just, your opinion man.

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    I also have a question

    i built my s60 t5 a 3 inch intake pipe and a k.n. Luftfi. insert built-in.

    Now my question is how can I best get 3 inch fresh air after the air filter? I don't really care what it looks like. just want to
    be as short as possible and 3 inches everywhere. preferably cold fresh air. (I even woke the horns)

    do you have any good ideas?

    Greetings from Austria

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    I also installed a K&N exchange filter on my S60 2.4T after Daniel advised me to do so. Plus an exhaust system from turbo and good software -> then it works quite well. The test bench is still pending, but I think that it is a good 240 PS feeling :-)

    Think more is not necessary with the air if you do not renovate more complex ...


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    well I actually want bigger conversion better to say I already have everything at home (hschaft pleul k24 loader r manifold) just don't wait
    seals and vacations
    it is not absolutely necessary but it just wants to perfect it. therefore


    ps i already drive software from daniel in the t5 but that is getting boring

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    Drive less, then don't get used to it so quickly

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    That's right - I've now driven our C30 2.0 with 145 PS for a week - after that the S60 Turbo seemed like a rocket to me :-)

    Conversely, it is bad when I get from the Corvette into the Volvo ... always think it is in emergency mode ;-)

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    haha daniel.

    or just so much performance that you can't get used to