What nickname can I give my girlfriend

This is what guys call their girlfriend: The 15 most popular nicknames for women!

Your partner gave you a cute nickname and you are wondering what it means?

Men express their affection for women with a nickname and thus convey their feelings to the outside world.

Here I have put together for you the 15 most popular nicknames men give their partner.

Is yours there too?

Have fun!

1. Schatz / Schatzi

As with the nicknames for men, Schatz or Schatzi is clearly the number one nickname and therefore the absolute favorite in Germany.

A treasure is something that you want to protect well and only want to have for yourself. You don't want to share the treasure you've been looking for for so long. Just beautiful.

2. mouse

Mouse is also an all time favorite. Mouse belittles her partner and is supposed to show her how cute the guy thinks she is.

In addition to Maus or Mausi, there are other pet names that are very popular.

3. Baby / Bae

The origin of modern nicknames naturally comes from America. While your partner Maus calls you at home, Baby or Bae can now be heard regularly in public.

Baby is super casual and shows that you and your partner are having a relaxed and cool relationship.

4. Sexy

With this nickname you arrived on the Olympus of women. Isn't it nice when your partner confirms every day that they consider you the most beautiful woman in the world?

Sexy expresses just that. Your guy wants to show you that he is attracted to you and that he thinks you are as beautiful as on the first day.

5. Pretty

Pretty is on the same level as sexy. Again, the man wants to convince you every day that you are still his number one.

The guy just wants one woman in his life and that's you. To him you're the prettiest woman in the world. You like to hear that!

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6. Sweetheart

Sweetheart comes from the super cute category. But not only that you are a sweet friend to him, but also that you have a good heart ... He wants to express all of that with this nickname.

He likes your warm and loving manner and wants to express this too.

7. Shorty

Shorty has only emerged in the last few years and was only really known through the hip-hop scene.

Shorty meant as slang: woman with a nice bottom.

Of course, your friend will only use this nickname if the music coined it in that direction, but a woman likes to hear that as a compliment.

8. Rabbit

Hase is more of the older generation and sees itself as a classic of nicknames.

Rabbit is like a mouse embodies the meaning of a cute little animal that also softens a man's heart.

9. Princess

What woman doesn't want to be treated as a princess?

Men often look for a partner who is very feminine and embodies all the characteristics of a princess.

They want to take care of you and put the world at your feet. If he calls you a princess, he is expressing how important you are in his life.

10. Sunshine

Are you always happy and enrich your life with a positive personality and charisma?

Maybe he calls you Sunshine and gives you the confirmation that your kind is exactly the right one for his life.

Men like positive partners who fill their gray everyday life with color.

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11. Angel

Angel or my angel stands for the innocence of these divine beings. Angels deliver good news and stand for absolute purity and innocence.

If he calls you angel, then you will embody exactly these qualities for him. That's a very nice compliment.

12. Dream woman

Dream woman is a nickname that will not appear too often in everyday life. Mostly calls you by your first name, but wants to show you his affection through this nickname on a regular basis.

For him, dream woman means that you embody everything that he wants and hopes for in a woman.

13. Pupsi

This nickname is not clearly described where it actually comes from or what the exact meaning is.

Pupsi actually describes a sweet state that is supposed to belittle the woman. Pupsi is a nickname that comes automatically when you are the cutest person in the world for him. The perfect combination of cute and sexy.

14. Sugar

What could be sweeter than sugar? Sugar is also more common in America, but spilled over to Germany a few years ago.

In various songs dream women were referred to as Sugar and adored in loving lyrics. Sugar is one of my favorites and it's just beautiful.

15. Darling

Darling is also rather dated and no longer very modern. Nevertheless, you still hear it from time to time as a nickname.

It describes the partner as an independent, charismatic woman who knows exactly what she wants. If he chooses this nickname, you are the absolute center of the universe and an impressive partner for him.

My advice: If you don't like a nickname, speak to it directly. Don't let a nickname that you utterly dislike become anchored in everyday life. Always be honest in your relationship!