What is a distillation column system

Process columns

EMDE process columns are manufactured for the following processes, among others:

  • Carbonation
  • distillation
  • absorption
  • Gas scrubbing

The necessary process stages for soda production can be set up in a column using our modular system to save space. In addition, we offer complete packed columns made of all common stainless steels and special materials.

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The different process columns at EMDE

High-quality cast iron process columns are professionally manufactured by EMDE. We offer solutions for a wide variety of processes and requirements. These include the following types of process columns:

Carbonation columns

Carbonation columns are casting devices that consist of an absorption part and a cooler part. They are used to convert ammoniacal brine into sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium chloride.

Distillation columns

Distillation columns are also called fractionation or rectification columns. Fractional columns are again differentiated, for example there are floor and film columns. Different trays for the columns are possible. Distillation columns are used to recover the ammonia from the mother liquor.

Packed columns

Under Packed columns one understands a certain type of process columns in which packing layers are installed. They are characterized by a constant exchange of substances.

Absorption columns and scrubbers

During gas scrubbing, intensive contact is established between a gas and a water flow. This takes place in so-called Absorption columns instead, in which absorbers, Gas scrubber as well as a distillation gas cooler can be installed. With these columns, ammoniacal brine is produced.

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