What did the Greeks invent

10 inventions and discoveries of ancient Greece that we still use today

December 14, 2018 • By Barbara

Ancient Greece was the cradle of great thinkers whose discoveries still influence science today. Classical Greece, a land of inventors, mathematicians, astronomers, philosophers and great artists, is the cradle of people like Archimedes, Aristotle or Plato, who laid the foundations of modern science. What we are about to introduce to you today are 10 of the best inventions and discoveries of Ancient Greece that are still used today.

1. Cartography

Although the first known evidence of cartography comes from ancient Babylon, it was actually the Greeks who gave it a new dimension. Anassimander (610 BC) was the pioneer of cartography who is also mentioned in the writings and works of Aristotle. He created a first map of the known countries and made numerous contributions to astronomy and geography.

2. Watermills

This invention, which has become indispensable for various processes over the centuries, is probably inspired by the Perachora wheel, which was made in the third century BC. BC in Greece, probably built by Filone di Bisanzio.

3. Olympic Games

The Olympic Games go back more than 2,700 years and, according to studies, were first held in honor of the gods of Olympus in 776 BC. Organized in the ancient plains of Olympia. There were different games but the most famous were the ones that were organized every 4 years near Olympia, to which people from all over Greece flocked.

4. Basics of geometry

Babylonians, Ancient Egyptians, and Hindus were among the first to use geometric calculations, but they never delved into the rules and axioms that govern geometry. Instead, Greek geometry changed the perception of the matter, stating that every rule should be explained through deductive reasoning. Thales, Archimedes, Pythagoras, are just a few of the many Greek mathematicians who built the history of geometry so sustainably that they are still taught in schools today.

5. Foundations of Modern Discovery

They laid the foundation for the discoveries of modern science, even today we rely on rules and calculations made thousands of years ago, and letters from ancient Greek are still used in physics. There are infinite contributions in geometry, physics and astronomy.

6. Democracy

Although there is evidence of earlier democratic communities, the birth of democracy and the concept of the Constitution is usually seen around 508 BC. In Athens. For this reason, Athens is often referred to as the "cradle of democracy".

7. Medical practice

In ancient times it was believed that the disease was a manifestation of divine punishment. Until the arrival of Hippocrates, who, thanks to his studies, showed that it was in fact a natural process that had nothing to do with the gods. Born 460 BC BC, he was an old doctor who was considered the father of medicine. He is still responsible for the "Hippocratic Oath", an ethical standard that every doctor should adhere to.


8. Odometer

He was born in 27 BC. First described by Vitruvius in one of his writings, Archimedes of Syracuse being named as the real inventor. It was used to measure the distance traveled by the wagons and was crucial for road construction and for planning trips.

9. The first alarm clock

Plato had a water clock that emitted an unspecified sound signal that was used at night to signal the start of classes at dawn. Ctesibius, Greek inventor and engineer, added a number of elaborate alarm systems to his hourglass that could be activated at predetermined times.

10. Modern philosophy

They developed a different concept of philosophy than the previous one. It actually became a way of knowing and understanding the world. This reasoning and observation based philosophy played a fundamental role in the creation of Western philosophy. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle with their influential philosophies were handed down to all subsequent generations.