Which baby clothes should I never buy?

Used or rather new: What can you buy secondhand for your baby?

Often, especially with the first child, one is tempted to buy everything new and too much of everything. But is that really always necessary? For which things is secondhand perhaps even useful? And what should you buy new, if possible?

First of all, it has to be said that in my opinion there are once again major differences between the various ways of getting used things. Anyone who orders “anonymously” on the Internet never knows what they are actually buying and how used the items are in reality. Used things from family or friends are of course something else. You can also touch things in bazaars or in second-hand shops and look at them closely, giving you a good impression of what you are really getting for your money.

Baby clothes

I would definitely buy a used one. Used things have the advantage that any pollutants are completely washed out. Most things in small sizes are well preserved because the little ones grow so incredibly quickly. You can also save a lot of money with sleeping bags, baby carriers or inserts for the stroller and there is nothing wrong with second-hand items.


You can also buy it secondhand. However, I would recommend a brand name car to you, as these are usually much better preserved than used “no name” models. The really big brands are usually still relatively expensive, even used, so that the search for a real bargain can take some time and energy - so start the search in good time.

Bed, cradle, bassinet

It doesn't necessarily have to be something new here either, because the first beds are usually used for a maximum of six months to a year and are often really as good as new. I would only think about buying a new mattress if it is more than 5 years old or if you cannot assess the condition with any certainty.

Child car seat

In my experience, most parents don't want to hear that, because the child car seat is one of the biggest purchases next to the stroller and you are naturally tempted to save a little money here, especially since the service life is relatively short. BUT: I would never buy a used car seat!

The material of the child seat ages, even if the seat looks almost unused. A journalist who writes for a car newspaper once told me that in a crash test of this magazine, a large number of child seats that were older than 5 years failed mercilessly - even if they showed almost no signs of use. Daily exposure to sunlight and temperature fluctuations alone is enough to make the material more porous and therefore more susceptible to damage.

In addition, “accident-free” is a flexible term because a seat that has fallen down, for example, is accident-free by definition, but is no longer necessarily safe. Excessive stress, such as a big sibling who finds it funny to sit in the baby seat, can also lead to hairline cracks in the material that are not visible to the naked eye.

Of course, this decision is up to you and if you can get a child seat from friends or family with a good feeling, I don't want to piss you off. But I would definitely seek advice from a specialist store before buying.

Breast pump, bottle, teat

Opinions differ here. I know of many female colleagues who have manual breast pumps that they give to different women. Bottles, teats and breast pumps can be sterilized and thus made sterile. Nevertheless, I shudder at the idea of ​​using a “strange” breast pump and personally I would only buy bottles secondhand if the first hand didn't use them ;-) But that's definitely a matter of attitude. In any case, it is not a health concern if the things are properly cleaned and sterilized.

My advice

If the budget for shopping for babies is not too large and you would still like something new for certain things, it can make sense to ask relatives and friends in advance to give up dearly meant dust catchers or superfluous items as a gift for the birth to contribute a voucher or a cash injection to something really necessary.

Even if you may seem a bit rude at first, grandparents or close friends can often do more with such a concrete statement than with the vague: “You don't need to give us anything ...”, because most of them want to give something . If it is also something that you are really happy about, everyone benefits from it.

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