How was Toy Story created

"Toy Story 4": This is how the biggest fail in Pixar history is alluded to

It's a small, inconspicuous, but extremely self-deprecating Easter egg in "A Toy Story: Everything does not listen to any command": As Bo Peep a. k. a. Porzellinchen (Annie Potts / German voice: Alexandra Mink) is taken away by her new owner in a flashback at the beginning of the film, his car has the registration number "RMRF97". However, this reference does not refer to another (Pixar) film, as is usual with most Easter eggs, but on the contrary to the fact that a certain film might not even exist!

Because a gigantic mishap at Pixar almost meant that we would never have seen "Toy Story 2" from 1999. When this code was entered into the computer, more precisely "rm -r -f", an employee accidentally deleted the main file of "Toy Story 2" from the Pixar server - with all its components and for good! The number “97” on the license plate should refer to the year in which the first “Toy Story” sequel went into production.

"Toy Story 2" has been deleted

One would think that a film studio would save the files of a film hundreds of times to be on the safe side on all possible and separate media - but no, as unbelievable as this story, which is often told in Hollywood, sounds, "Toy Story 2" was really almost lost and either you would have had to make the entire film from scratch or it would have been vinegar with the "Toy Story" series of films.

We cannot imagine how the employee must have felt, but he was very lucky: One employee had a lower quality backup on her home computer. That doesn't seem to have been the rule - or at least it didn't seem back then - after all, studios have to protect their material from data thieves and that works best if you circulate as little of it as possible outside the studio.

Rescue from the home office!

But Galyn Susman was allowed to continue working on the film as Supervising Technical Director while on maternity leave at home. These files were then converted to Pixar High Quality - and that's how Toy Story 2 was saved.

"A Toy Story: Everything does not listen to any command" has been in the cinema since August 15, 2019, the German speakers include Michael "Bully" Herbig (Woody), Walter von Hauff (Buzz Lightyear), Michi Beck (Duke Caboom) , Rick Kavanian (Rex) and Sonja Gerhardt (Giggle McDimples).

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