What do people get wrong about Elon Musk

On a scale from Elon Musk to Elon Musk: How proactive do you act as an entrepreneur?


- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 29, 2020

As a corona denier, he doesn't seem much more far-sighted than the sociopath who has become president, whose press spokesman breaks into sweats as soon as he opens his mouth (or Twitter). #covfefe

On the other hand, Elon did not become famous through populism, but as an incomparable visionary.
Out of nerdy admiration for the simple elegance of the electric motor invented by Nicola Tesla and a conviction for climate protection, Musk started a company
that took on one of the most powerful industries in our society.
And that while he was already working with SpaceX on the almost utopian mission to make a backup copy of humanity on Mars.

The Elon Musk spectrum of entrepreneurial farsightedness

From this it follows Elon Musk spectrum of entrepreneurial farsightedness: At one end there is the weed-for-nothing, who in the next moment can seriously damage himself and his company via tweet - and at the other end there is the determined visionary who not only starts highly ambitious companies, but also pulls them through tough crises.

Now the question: Are you just looking to the next few weeks of the crisis or are you already preparing for the time after Corona?

Please don't get it wrong: I have great respect for falling sales. We have customers in the tourism, sports and mobility sectors and I am glad not to be in their shoes. At Zweag, we are lucky to have customers in the food retail, infrastructure and medicine sectors. For some companies, it may be about little else than getting through the next few weeks.

Anyone who relies on everything to be the same again after an exhausting hibernation is closer to stubborn, limited muscle than to visionary.

But even if the winter fat is enough, you shouldn't give in to the temptation to curl up. Anyone who relies on the fact that everything is back to the same as before after an exhausting hibernation is closer to stubborn, limited musk than to visionary.

Reflection in the Corona crisis

The semi-standstill of social life is an unprecedented opportunity to pause and reflect. The limitations make people see what they are really missing. Science is heard a lot and with it the awareness of reason increases.

The status quo is being questioned more: Do we need these profits in the health system? Do we still need cruises, domestic flights, and so many car commutes? Doesn't most of it work permanently remotely? Doesn't this extent of globalization make our economy too fragile? How do we rebuild the economy in a more climate-friendly way in order to avoid even tougher crises in the future?

The willingness of people to change is greater than ever. Due to the strong cuts, there is a high level of acceptance for experiments. People react more benevolently to attempts whose good intentions can be seen. Learning new ways of playing is practiced and new needs arise from the incisions.

Think ahead!

Therefore it is said: stay awake in the crisis! Not only seeing the problems, but also the opportunities. . When so many cards are reshuffled, you want to be the smartest, to be the most agile, to beat the lazy competition.

In the struggle for survival, one would do well to orient oneself to the Musk who believes in the right ideas, who tackles, drives and pulls through. You want to be someone who draws new perspectives in the sky with creativity and shows your employees perspective through future-oriented leadership. Dare to try something and think ahead!

Pictures: Joe Rogan / YouTube / WebSummit / Flickr (CC BY)