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Business plan for service companies: It has to be included!

A business start-up in the service sector appears very promising, as it is the economically most important sector. Services make up almost 70% of the gross domestic product and almost 75% of all jobs can be found in this area. Germany is still an important industrial location from a global perspective. Almost 80% of all companies in Germany can, however, be classified as service companies. This is because the advancing digitization in the course of Industry 4.0 has led to a there is an ever more pronounced interlocking between industry and the service sector. For guidance, it should be noted that the most important areas are public services, business services and trade.

Above all, the business plan for services must be specific

Due to the diversity of possible orientations must be in the business plan for a service company It becomes unmistakably clear which unique selling points should contribute to high added value. Everything is conceivable, from deliveries and support in a logistics chain to providing services directly to the customer. It is important to sound out your own skills and knowledge and to check the existing network: Where are starting points for cooperation and growth potential for the business idea? Whoever brings this topic to the point in the business plan convincingly will make an important contribution to attracting donors or other business partners. If you want to score points with knowledge and professional planning, should include numerous industry or job-related facts when drawing up the business plan. So it must not be about services in general, but rather the specific potential of your own business idea.

Business ideas for services on

Founders who want to become self-employed in the service sector will find many business ideas as inspiration on this portal. The following portraits for business ideas should be mentioned:

This list is deliberately short or left open, especially since a new business idea in the service sector can definitely stand out from existing ones. In the business plan, however, the wheel of time does not have to be completely reinvented: There is nothing wrong with taking up an established business idea, provided that the chosen location offers opportunities for this. Nevertheless, a business idea in the service sector should not appear arbitrary and therefore interchangeable. From the customer's point of view, it has to be 'added value'!


What does the location allow in terms of service companies?

In addition, there is enormous competitive pressure at many locations. Therefore, the location analysis in the business plan must show to what extent the service company is set up on a reliable basis. In this context, added values ​​and unique selling points are once again taking effect, giving the business idea an economic justification on the market. In order to be able to speak of this basic requirement at all, there must be a reliable demand for the business idea at the location. This should ideally be based on real (empirical) values ​​and not just on assumptions.

Smart Services: Digitization as a driver for innovation

If you want to be successful with a business idea in the service sector, should outline the opportunities of digitization in the business plan and use them with appropriate measures. Because apart from physical services, digital offers are playing an increasingly important role for customers. The advantage is that a large target group can be served very (cost) efficiently with digital solutions for service processes without significant effort. In recent years, digitization has developed as a key factor for growth and innovation. In view of this, it must be clear in a business plan for a service company how digital elements should be used as future-oriented growth drivers. Such so-called Smart Services have created many new business models in recent years. But be careful! Of course, the long-term and therefore sustainable business perspective must be clear in the business plan for a service company. It shouldn't be a short-term business model that chases a short-lived trend. Through diversification and a broad business model, the risks can be minimized, especially in the service sector.

The core of the business idea must be made clear in the business plan

If you want to set up a service company in view of the competitive situation, depending on the location, you have to make important decisions from the customer's point of view in the business plan. What needs do customers have? So what is there a demand for the business model to build on? In this regard, the business plan for a service company in particular must ideally Convincingly put unique customer benefits on paper. Why should or want customers to use this service? If it is a modification of an already existing service, it must be clear where the added value should lie. In the service sector in particular, such statements are very important in order to be able to classify the sense of a business idea. Performance, added value and unique selling points are vital in the face of competition in terms of one's own competitiveness.


Tip for a more precise alignment of the service

If you want to optimally tailor the service to your customers, you have to know your target group very well. As a strategic alternative to the target group, it makes sense to rely on the concept of the buyer persona. A detailed profile is created for a customer who wants to use the service. These details are extremely valuable in order to coordinate the range of services in a target-oriented manner.

Numbers that stand for profitability and profitability

Precisely such numbers should be found in the carefully crafted financial section. As powerful and innovative as a business idea in the service sector may be: It will not inspire potential investors if entrepreneurs do not set the right economic course in their business plan. So emphasis must be placed on a lean cost structure, which is particularly true for the start-up phase. An important focus should be on the Price calculation for services fall. How are prices calculated? What profit margins are realistic? What sales can be expected if a realistic utilization is assumed? Depending on the industry and target group, the price can also be decisive for customers themselves. If it is a very price-sensitive service in a mass market, small deviations can have major consequences. In the business plan for a service company, the holistic planning and calculation of costs is therefore of immense strategic importance.


Questions that the business plan should answer

Apart from the basic structure, which covers all business areas and the background of the start-up, the following questions should be answered as individually and potential-oriented as possible in a convincing business plan for a service company:

  • Which gap in the market does the business idea use?

  • What structures should be used to ensure optimal services and profitability?

  • How are or are the relevant market conditions developing? Are there trends or long-term developments (show expert knowledge!)

  • As a start-up, why am I predestined for this business idea at all?

  • Which sales strategy should ensure sustainable growth and satisfied customers?


Maintain a professional form with the business plan!

The first impression is crucial, so no detail should be left to chance in a business plan. For inexperienced founders in particular, it is legitimate to use templates for a business plan in the service sector. In the meantime, there are no longer only very general templates, but Thematically very special variants for a wide variety of business ideas in the service sector. Nevertheless, the founder's own handwriting must be clearly recognizable. It doesn't help either the founder or the business idea to hide behind pre-made sections and numbers. Apart from the structure and some suggestions for the content, the business plan should be drawn up or, better said, thought up. Because entrepreneurs are forced to deal very closely with the business idea and to optimally coordinate all areas of the service. In this respect, the development of the business plan can prove to be very insightful in many places. If you want to win money for the start-up phase with the business plan, you have to convince with this document anyway.

Summary for a business plan for service companies: It has to be there!

  1. Services play an important role for Germany as an industrial location: Almost 70% of the gross domestic product can be traced back to services

  2. Increasing digitalization means that more and more smart services are emerging for customers: The business plan should show that the business idea is based on innovation and future orientation

  3. In view of the enormous competition in many service sectors, the location and competition analysis in the business plan is very important

  4. In the business plan for a service plan, general formulations and economic data must not be left behind: Potentials must always be highlighted for the specific business idea against the background of the founder profile

  5. Especially the financial part, which is very important for outside investors, should score with realistic figures and convincing calculations

  6. The business plan must clarify with a clear, compact and precise argument why this business idea is unique from the customer's point of view and therefore has a strong right to exist in the market.