God knows about Tennessee

Participants (TN) report on their experiences with the basic course Renewal of Faith:

TN: I was strengthened in my faith and encouraged to pray personally and to better listen to the word of God. I experienced the group as open and appreciative, where one supports the other.

TN: I enjoyed this time with the beautiful group, it was really lucky and a blessing for me. In borderline situations I experienced how much strength God gives, his love, his closeness, his friendship, his presence. Often I became thoughtful and asked myself what I would like to be: a person who can love and allows the love of others and the love of God to give me gifts.

TN: Every evening was unique for me. Inside me, the living word of God, enthusiasm and warmth have set a lot in motion. I have received answers where I previously felt emptiness or insecurity. My relationship with God has changed. I feel closer to him and my longing for him has grown a lot. I can also better understand and accept the church with its commandments and customs.

TN: Not a single minute was boring. I was able to “fill up” with a lot of energy and faith. In terms of content, I learned a lot of new things. The sacraments made me think. I now understand Holy Mass better and what each gesture means. I also got to know the Holy Spirit anew.

TN: I still had some doubts, but it is now easier for me to say "I believe". I now have more joy attending Mass because I understand it better.

TN: Through the group's prayer, I found support in formulating my own prayers. Such religious communities strengthen me a lot and I know that I am connected to so many people. I now know even more what happiness and joy it is to be a Christian.

TN: I have come a lot closer to God!

TN: I got to know the sacraments much better. I was particularly interested in baptism, the Eucharist, but also praise. The individual units were mostly an aha experience and carried me through the whole week.

TN: I got to know people with a deep faith, who live their faith as something very natural. I was motivated to deal more with my faith in everyday life and to include it in my life. I also prayed more often and even went to confession. For me there are still many questions unanswered, so that I would like to see more Bible study and a continuation of the course.

TN: We came to rest every evening.

TN: I realized that my faith was too weak and I needed help with my insecurities. I have learned that I can trust God and that it makes it easier for me to go through daily life with him. I have learned that I have to reserve a place for God and keep in touch with him. I was motivated to think of God during the day and to praise him much more. I think a lot more now, the trade fair gives me a lot more too. The Holy Spirit encourages me to make my unsteady steps safer. I feel supported; Not having to do everything alone is nice, God guides us.

TN: We were a group of mostly young people and we grew into a really loving community during this time. Especially during these months there were happy events in our families, but also serious illnesses and one death. We carried everything together in common prayer!

TN: I took the faith course because I wanted to become more balanced again. I've had so much grief and pain lately. I no longer felt any joy in me. Now I feel better, I got what I wanted. Being able to be with other dear people gives you strength again. I really enjoyed the exchange with so many opinions.

TN: I was strengthened in my faith and encouraged to continue to focus my life on Jesus. Often a word touched my innermost and opened my heart.

TN: The course far exceeded my expectations. Through this course one can deepen the whole religious life and live it more consciously.

TN: Praying and singing in community has strengthened me a lot.

TN: I took the course because my children had grown up and I wanted to do something good for myself. It was amazing to me every time how much community, trust, love and the presence of God and the Holy Spirit could be felt. I especially liked the songs, I went home singing every time.

TN: The content of the course encouraged me to get involved in God's presence, love and mercy in every situation. I have become calmer and more relaxed, for which I am very grateful.

TN: I was impressed by the “Church” theme. I now often go to mass on weekdays. It was only through the course that I became aware of how infinite God's love is. I learned to understand the scriptures. It was through the group that I was motivated to share and live testimony of the Christian faith. I wish that in my life I will become more and more open to God and his presence.

TN: I was interested in deepening my faith and wanted to experience and understand God's closeness anew. I realized that in order to receive gifts, you need inner calm, openness and a focus on you.

TN: As a mother of three, I find it very necessary to take a faith renewal course. We were infected to live our faith more intensely and to convince others that one can only find strength and support in faith. I have learned that many questions have answers and how calming prayer is. The course helps me to assert myself in my family with certainty and to provide answers to so many questions.

TN: I have experienced how alive and strong the word of God is. It invigorates us again and again and gives us strength and courage to continue on the path. I became aware that we are children of God and that we have eternal life within us. It is nice to be able to be an “indispensable building block” in the church. It encourages me to make myself available in the hope that Jesus will work and act through me.

TN: I want to shape my life out of faith. Everyday life places ever greater demands on us Christians. It seems important to me to renew and deepen one's own faith again and again and to experience community of faith. That strengthens our backbone. That is why I took the course that taught me the joy of living through faith.

TN: I have matured in faith; I have learned that something new always opens up through experience of the cross; I have become more open, freer, more confident, more grateful. From the scriptures I learned everything that God wants to tell me. I enjoyed being aware of my abilities. In the sacrament of penance I was able to experience God's love and freedom. I now know that I can put everything on the altar for God at Holy Mass and that he comes to me in Holy Communion.

TN: I have learned to leave the backpack with the sins behind after confession and not to drag it any further.

TN: I've wanted to do something about faith for a long time, because I felt the need for renewal. I understood a lot of things in the course, I was allowed to ask questions and I noticed how superficial you often go to the trade fair. I got more contact with God and have an inkling of how great God's love for us is. In everyday family life I now build faith more consciously, I bless the children and talk to them about God. I even went to confession again. I particularly like that in the course we learn to live faith in everyday life and that we often laugh because the course is sometimes cheerful. I felt carried by the group, time always passed quickly. I wish for more intensive encounters with faith in the future.

TN: Through this course my life got a new direction. I see a lot with different eyes and have recognized that I see some connections “through God's glasses”. By dealing with the topic of “baptism” I now see myself more as a member of Christ and feel that Christ can work through me. I was particularly interested in the subject of the “Eucharist”. I am now able to better experience and understand the entire Mass in all its details. Above all, I am happy that I can be a better “herald” to my son, my family, and also in conversation with others. I also got to know confession anew as a gift from God and at the same time stood by my son as a companion during his first confession. I rediscovered the infinitely powerful strength of the Holy Spirit. He is present everywhere in my life. I am now going on an exciting journey with God as a friend, his spirit as a companion and in communion with the saints. I am very happy that I attended this course and I want to inspire others too. The speaker showed me through her cheerful manner that believing people laugh, are hopeful, also have problems and mistakes, but always put them before God so that they can be changed. The course helped me to walk my life not next to God but with God. I've got a lot of courage and can now better understand my life's work. I'm already looking forward to the next year and look forward to further deepening my relationship with God.

TN: Since taking the Faith Course, my relationship with God has become deeper and friendlier as I include him more in my daily life. As I have learned to understand Holy Mass better, it has become a valuable hour on Sunday for me. I dealt more intensively with the subject of “confession”. I no longer thought it was up-to-date or useful. I was amazed that this activity made me want to go to confession. And I noticed that it was good for me! I couldn't do so much with the Holy Spirit before. Now I notice that I bring him here more often and that I experience him as a “fresh wind” and “support”. The Faith Course made a big difference in my family too. They often asked about what we were doing in the class, and so we talked more about the faith in the family, including with the older children. I have resolved to take more time for these conversations in the future.

TN: I have been greatly enriched through this course of faith. I particularly liked the good fellowship in faith, which strengthened me, as well as the many examples and testimonies from life with God. I have been motivated to live my faith more intensely and now I know that one should not hide or be ashamed with one's faith. The sacraments were explained very well; through the vivid and profound examination of the Bible passages one can understand and live them better. Above all, I became aware of God's infinite love for us humans, but also that suffering and the cross can have a meaning. It is now also clearer to me that Jesus needs everyone and everyone is important in the great Church of God.



Participants (TN) report on their experiences with the advanced course Renewal of Faith:

TN: I have deepened my faith further and have always discovered new aspects that enrich my (faith) life. It meant a lot to me that all topics were related to life and that everyone was allowed to contribute personal concerns. So the course became a lifelong companion for the week. One felt secure in the group, and the feeling of togetherness could also grow. Due to the familiarity that developed in the group, each individual was very important and valuable.

TN: It is simply nice to deepen the word of God and faith with loved ones. Our conversations encouraged me to live my faith more confidently. My thoughts and prayers also went to our group during the week. It is good to realize that you are not alone with doubts and uncertainties.

TN: The testimony of other participants motivated me to put the gospel into my life. I was touched to learn that God longs for me, I wasn't aware of that before. In deepening the creed, I became really aware of God's omnipotence. That strengthened my trust in him. I learned to understand the 10 commandments in a new way and learned that they don't take something away from us, but rather want to make life easier. I learned to see church differently.

TN: The more I get to know the faith, the greater my gratitude for this gift. My personal faith, but also the church has become important and valuable to me.

TN: Our faith makes us rich and confident. I was encouraged to pray, praise, and give thanks. I have experienced God's closeness and help very often. I want to thank God that I was able to go through all of this.

TN: I learned a lot this year from studying the ten commandments. For me you are like a rope that I can hold on to. I have become a little more secure on my path in life, I can help others better and support them in difficulties. I feel as rich now as Zacchaeus, who found his wealth in Jesus.

TN: Through this course I was able to come to more inner peace and reflection. I've experienced many festivals in my life, but now I've been able to experience a joie de vivre that goes deeper and lasts longer. I often long for rest for body and soul, because my strength is often limited. God let me experience his power through the course. God's spirit works in me and always gives me new courage. I want to spend more time with God from now on, to build a good relationship with him by turning to him. I don't feel so alone anymore, because he's always with me until I can live with him forever.

TN: It was once again a wealth for me to be able to walk a path together for a whole year, to be able to talk about him, to pray to him and to know that he is there where two or three are gathered in his name. To be on the road with Jesus also means “sticking to it” and setting priorities. It was worth it and it will always be worth it. Once the longing for him is there, it is difficult to turn away from him, I was able to experience this over the course of two years. The result is a great joy and help to start every day anew and to experience it consciously. The group continued to grow together, it was for each place to contribute as it was. My deepest wish would be to make this experience possible for many, that it is nice to walk the path with Jesus and the people.

TN: For me, the advanced course was a time for reflection. I have found many values ​​again, my belief has been strengthened so that the external pressure is easier to bear. I can now switch off better in the evening and put everything in God's hands. The group was very important to me, it helped me to feel that I belonged.

TN: In order to know the will of God, one must first get to know God, love him and heed his word. In our community of faith we try together to walk this path, to obey the commandments of God in order to come closer to him. We always seek to bear testimony of him through prayer and life. To do this, we must be enthusiastic Christians. The course tries to convey this enthusiasm for God and faith to us.

TN: As the quality of life increases, it becomes more difficult for us weak Catholics. You almost don't need God anymore, we have gods like money, power, television, drugs and many other things on which we become dependent. We are fine and it is not easy to be concerned with religion. You need support, otherwise you take your faith too superficially and you remain insecure. We have learned to praise, praise, and honor God Almighty Father, but how often will we pray “your will be done” and think “my will be done”? What gives us courage is the knowledge that we can put ourselves in God's hands and that the Holy Spirit is always with us.

TN: I can no longer imagine my life without the weekly meetings of our faith course. For me they are a stop in these filled weeks. They help me to reflect on the essentials, to rethink and deepen my faith. Working through the creed helped me to “see through” God even more deeply and to rediscover many things in my faith. The most valuable thing is that the topics are prepared in such a way that they can specifically flow into life.

TN: We took part in the course as a married couple and so we always had things to talk about to deepen the topics at home. In retrospect, it was a path that left its mark: the longing to live the faith more strongly in marriage and family. There are many tips and suggestions in the course folder, we can always refresh them.A lot is already anchored in us and we are happy about that! We are left with a lot of impressions from the group members and the great desire to continue in some form and to stay tuned.

TN: I have learned to live everyday life more consciously as a gift from God, that makes me grateful. I enjoy faith more, also because I know more about faith through the course. And I realized that there is nothing better and more important we can give our children on their way than to exemplify the faith for them.

TN: I see the fact that I was also able to attend the advanced course as a great gift; I also understood that belief is a great gift. As in previous years, I was strengthened again this year by the community, the familiar exchange among each other and the regularity that the meetings offer; at home alone I would never have the stamina to develop myself further in the faith. This year we went through the Creed, a prayer that I often just “said” without thinking about it - now I pray it more consciously. As it was brought to us, it really got under your skin. Often I had the feeling: "Finally someone explains this to me, I didn't really know what we believe in in the Catholic Church." It was so important to me that we prayed together in the course. Without the Holy Spirit, I would not have been able to take in much, I would have only viewed it critically and wanted to understand it alone. The course combines the word of God with the statements of the catechism and prayer in a unique way. I am also grateful for the impulses from the praise of God - now I know that there is also a lot to be found in it for my own prayer life. I was particularly touched by: “Who is the LORD in my life?” “We can also pray on behalf of others and celebrate the service.” “Don't forget that when you get up in the morning, someone is sure to have already attended Holy Mass for them Church - for you - prayed. "


Participants report on their experiences with the Renewal of Faith in-depth course:

TN: I got to know new forms of prayer, including adoration in silence, which made a deep impression on me. In addition, I found a new approach to the psalms and recognized what treasure they represent. I also deepened the praise. I found myself praying in a community of prayers, a community that supports and holds one another, where openness is possible and trust is created.

TN: In our parishes things go haywire at the moment and it was clear to me that I need a firm attitude to faith in order to withstand these disputes, or not to perish in incidental matters and not to lose sight of the essentials. I have learned that it is wonderful to talk about faith, about Jesus and God in such a group. I have learned to pray daily and have learned that it is easier for me to cope with problems or see them from a new point of view. I have been encouraged to speak out specifically for faith and for God. We now sit together with the children much more often after dinner and talk about questions of faith.

TN: I learned that everything starts with prayer. I feel the responsibility we have for one another.

TN: I took the course because I wanted to expand my knowledge of faith, which is still in its infancy, to anchor my life in faith and prayer and thereby live and give peace and joy and be an example to my children. I have recognized my great longing to truly live my faith.

TN: Since I was new to Brixen, I wanted to get to know people first, with whom I can also talk about faith. Immediately after the second meeting, a wonderful community was noticeable, from which friendships have developed in the meantime. I have learned many new forms of prayer and experienced how far the prayer life can be.

TN: I got to know different forms of prayer. I was completely new to praying the Psalms - now I can do more with them and know how valuable they are, I can understand them better. I really enjoyed the prayer service where we prayed for one another. The scripture conversations are also very valuable to me as they allow me to look at the scriptures from different angles. I have gained greater trust in God and have become more relaxed.

TN: I experienced fellowship with like-minded people, got to know valuable people and was supported and strengthened in prayer with my worries, so that I could endure dry times in faith more easily.

TN:From the subject of “worship” I take with me that prayer is not about performance. I was fascinated by the fact that I can stay in his presence and allow myself to be transformed. Also that not many words are needed because God knows everything and knows our worries and fears. It reassured me that everyone also has difficulties with prayer (distraction, callousness, distance from God) and that we were encouraged not to stop praying because of this. Even though I sometimes feel steadfast in my faith, I notice that further training is needed in faith and that one has to constantly work on faith and seek the connection to God. The conversations about faith in the group have built me ​​up and are support and support. I found the explanations about our Father too difficult to understand.

TN: Through this course I have found more intensive access to personal prayer in everyday life and consciously take more time for it. My prayer has become more diverse, it is not just a request, but also a thanking and trusting. That gives me more stability and security. I enjoyed the Liturgy of the Hours, but I found myself making too much of myself to pray it every day. But I often open it and just pray one psalm from it, that gives me a lot. I try to make more use of the sacraments (e.g. the sacrament of penance) and to prepare myself for them. Reading and interpreting individual scriptures gave me better access to the scriptures. I felt very comfortable in the group of like-minded people. We weren't just listeners, we were active employees. I was able to leave everyday life behind for a few hours.

TN: I found something helpful on every topic, especially the discussion on “Dealing with Prayer Difficulties” helped me. I criticize myself less when I have prayed without concentrating and I no longer repeat parts of the prayer because my thoughts were absent. I am learning to accept my imperfection and poorness in praying, trusting that God will know about my endeavors and will always accept prayer. The rest that I have gained helps me to listen to God more. This made me calmer and more stable.

TN: In a moment of great despair and confusion due to a stroke of fate in the family, I entered the advanced course as a “newcomer”. I was able to experience a real expansion of consciousness through the course. For me there is no longer a boundary between this world and the hereafter, but rather the ability to experience the glory of God here and now and in eternity. The fear of "interruption" disappears. It was very, very nice for me to be able to confess my faith openly and to bring it to life in a community. The exchange was always very valuable. I have learned to praise and praise God and crystallize him as my tip. It was an overwhelming event how a complete stranger could pray so fervently for me and bring my intercession to the Lord. I thank my friend, who very discreetly but definitely led me to this course and to this special encounter with God. And last but not least, I thank you for the excellent guidance, for the strong hand, for the clear and unmistakable words spoken with love, words of truth ... and you can never get enough of them ...