Why did my toolbar disappear

Internet Explorer: menu bar disappeared?

If you don't have the usual menu bar with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, you can bring it back to life - just a few clicks are enough.

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The menu bar in the new Internet Explorer has not disappeared - Microsoft has just hidden it. Photo: dpa-infocom

Menu bar is just hidden

Anyone who already works with Internet Explorer version 9 or 10 will notice after starting the browser: The user interface looks different than in the previous versions. Most noticeable is that there is no longer a menu bar in the upper area. However, it has not completely disappeared: Microsoft has only made it invisible. If desired, the menu bar can be brought up again at any time.

Show menu bar again

To do this, start Internet Explorer - under Windows 8 the desktop version, not the app version. Then press the [Alt] key and switch to «View» at the top of the menu bar that is now displayed. Call up the "Menu bar" function in the "Toolbars" menu. All functions from the “File”, “Edit” or “Extras” menus can now be permanently accessed.

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| Updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 2:37 pm

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