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First steps on Pinterest - this is how you get started

Stroll into the jam-packed world of ideas on Pinterest. You already know the advantages of Pinterest and the first preparations for the appearance of your company, your project on this social media channel are now complete. Now it's time to get started with the content.

In this blog post we look at an example of which of the other 250 million Pinterest users currently use the social network successfully and what you can learn from it. Many of the topics that are addressed will be examined in more detail later in our Pinterest series. Today is about first steps on Pinterest to dare without slipping.

Pinterest best practices - create pinboards

In order to place content on Pinterest yourself, you need pin boards, sometimes called boards. Each pin board is given a name plus a short description. The easiest way to set up the boards is via the profile page of your business account. But which boards are suitable? To start with, we recommend that you create a pin board for each of the keywords that you have identified as attractive in your other Internet activities. Some examples and ideas:

  • Your company sells products that fit a generic term? Then you will create pin boards for each of the divisions, not just "high quality chocolate", but individual pin boards for "white chocolate", "milk chocolate", "organic chocolate" and so on. Ritter Sport, for example, does an exemplary job and has around half a million viewers per month on Pinterest.
  • Does your company offer products that are typically further processed? Bundle ideas for this under individual pin boards. If you sell exotic spices, for example, these would be recipe ideas for your bestsellers, one pin board per spice on Pinterest. The actually so conservative supermarket chain Edeka reaches more than 1.7 million viewers a month with its thematically arranged pin boards.
  • Do you offer or mediate services yourself? The aspects of it that can be illustrated well are each worth their own pin board on Pinterest. 2.6 million monthly viewers at Hochzeitswahn are a real house number. Here you can also see an example that this provider sometimes operates with English keywords. The vocabulary around weddings and marriage vows is so specific in German that you would unnecessarily reduce the range if you restricted it to German.

So that your profile later makes a good visual impression in the first overview, you should plan to create at least twelve pin boards. Here are some more food for thought on how to elegantly place one of your individual keywords on multiple pin boards on Pinterest:

  • Are your offers seasonally related in any way? Then you are with headlines like "Yoga in autumn", "Yoga in spring" on your pin boards. Or you offer suitable recipes for each month. Or you can create themed walls on Pinterest about what's important about fishing at what time of the year. Keyword plus season or month makes a good combination.
  • Do you do something with fashion? Everyone can differentiate between blouses, skirts and shoes, but maybe it would also be more convenient for you to sort the ideas and corresponding pin boards by color. It looks great and also results in promising pairs of keywords plus color, a frequent search combination for products and ideas.
  • Are the products or services typically located in different landscapes, cities or continents? Then create pin boards with names like "Diving in the Mediterranean" and "Diving in Egypt" or "Cycling on the Danube" and "Cycling on the Rhine". Places and regions are often searched for in combination with activities on Pinterest.
  • Play with inspiring, emotional headlines such as "Favorite ....", "Most beautiful ....", "Best ...." or "Unforgettable ...". Well over half of Pinterest users are female and creative men also have feelings. If you open pin boards during the Pinterest search that are dear to the heart from the title and first photo, you have won.

For pin boards to look good on Pinterest, they need at least six individual pins. In a blog post we will talk in detail about what makes the ideal pin. However, it is important for your first pin boards:

  • As long as the pin board is not yet filled, you set it to "secret" and only change this setting when you have really collected at least six nice pins.
  • Each pin has a link and at least a short descriptive text. This helps with the Pinterest search, so include keywords here again. We will deal with the topic of rich pins in detail later. If you have created the content yourself, you will of course link to your website.
  • You can simply move the individual pins against each other on the pin boards with the mouse, i.e. change their order. The first pin (top pin) should always be the one that catches the eye the most. Because depending on whether other users access Pinterest via desktop PC or smartphone app, the display format changes. Good pinboards advertise your further content with eye-catchers.
  • Maintain your boards: You will quickly notice that other Pinterest users are following your boards. They stay on the ball if you regularly deliver them new content, even if it consists of repins.
  • In general: Get rid of the idea that your content has to be exclusive throughout. You should already have one or two pins on every pin board that originally came from you - but you are welcome to fill the other spaces with pins from other people. It is important that the topic of the pin board, the ideas board corresponds to the title and the brief description. Disappointed expectations are not only poison for successful strategies on the social media channel Pinterest.

Speaking of strategies: At least one pin board that deals with the "behind the scenes" of your company is a must. It may not look particularly impressive and it may not reach the click rates of other boards, but it creates trust with customers who take a closer look at your profile.

Thematically, you can fill this pin board "About us ..." with photos of employees plus a short biography, for example, with insights into your restaurant, business or factory. Or you can show the preparations for your events or the manufacturing process of your product there. In any case, perfect photos are not necessarily required on this pin board, but only your own, authentic content.

Keywords: Make clever use of the search field on Pinterest

The easiest way to fine-tune your keyword strategy on Pinterest is to use the platform's own search field. If you enter your tried and tested keywords here, the Pinterest algorithm suggests the additional terms that are used most frequently. For a main topic such as "Nicholas" you will also find the suggestion "Gift" and from there onwards "Man", "Parents", "Child" and so on. These sub-categories are also shown in a button bar. Make a note of your keywords plus additional terms so that you always have your collection ready when you create your own pin boards and pins.

Group bulletin boards - the key to greater reach on Pinterest

In addition to the usual boards, Pinterest has group notice boards. Several users can pin here, the only requirement is that the original creator of the pin board invited everyone to join. There will be a whole post about group boards in our blog series - for now, keep this option in mind for two reasons: Your own group boards can be helpful in encouraging other Pinterest users to participate. Since your pins then also go to their followers, greater reach is quickly achieved. And if you discover beautiful group bulletin boards, you should kindly ask if you can participate. Because this is how you can reach the other Pinteresters directly who are interested in the topics in which your company or project is based.

Conclusion: Getting started on Pinterest is easier than you think

You have now got your first impressions of how Pinterest is structured, how you create boards, where to include your keywords and how to define them. In our next few posts, we'll focus on how you build reach and community on Pinterest. A well thought-out content strategy, suitable group notice boards and of course paid advertising and influencer marketing help. We will continue to talk in detail about the perfect pin and what characterizes good pins. You will quickly notice that Pinterest, with its concept as the somewhat different social media channel, has far more potential than some entrepreneurs have already realized.

Melchior Neumann
As the founder and managing director of PERGENZ Community Building, Melchior lives for digital communities. As a strategic thought leader, he is constantly concerned with new forms and possibilities of social organizations. In addition, he is a board member of the Federal Association of Community Management - for digital communication and social media.